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  • Bumblebee- when babies go yumm!

    by yogalife_user

    Qadreya Al Awadhi, 27 year old Emirati Founder and CEO of Bumblebee, started her homegrown business of ready-made frozen meal plans for babies and toddlers when when she babysat her friend’s son who was being weaned …

  • Get that Good Night’s Sleep

    by yogalife_user

    Recent studies reveal that 65% of UAE residents are not getting enough sleep due to busy lifestyles and work pressures and in line with World Sleep Day on 17 March, world-renowned sleep specialist …

  • Go to bed!

    by yogalife_user

    Good quality sleep has become the most neglected aspect of our lives. Richard Snowball, General Manager Royal Furniture tells us more. These are some alarming statistics that we are ignoring …