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  • Get FRAMED!

    by yogalife_user

    We speak with Sarah Battikha, the creator of Frame by Sarah Battikha, the newest addition to the dermatology scene in Dubai. The first Frame clinic, in Geneva, Switzerland, opened its …

  • 5 reasons your gym clothes matter

    by yogalife_user

    Although athletic apparel can be stylish, it originally served as functional attire. Leggings, shorts, tops, and jackets are now more useful than ever thanks to numerous advancements in athletic clothing. Activewear has several elements that make it perfect for your workout, despite the fact that consumers love to wear it as streetwear, says Raj Pagarani – founder of Iron Tribe Athleisure. Better performance A good workout wardrobe does more than just make you look great. It’s no secret that better workout …

  • Your hair deserves all the TLC

    by yogalife_user

    In terms of personal hygiene, taking care of one’s hair is crucial for women and men alike. No one likes to face the world with unmanageable, unhealthy hair. Taking care …