Pisces Feb 20 – Mar20

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Venus moves into your home and family sector on April 3 and will bring all sorts of goodies your way as it relates to family happiness and contentment. If you are thinking about moving in with your sweetheart, this could be a great time to do so. The two of you will adjust very easily to one another’s living habits. If you are dating someone new and have wondered when the perfect time is to make those introductions to your family, then this is the month. Even if the introductions must be done over the phone or video chat, everyone will fall in love with your partner!

In other news, it’s possible you will be tempted to go over your budget this month as it relates to domestic renovations or another major expense. The Full Moon on April 7 warns you not to borrow so much money on credit that you’ll have a hard time paying it back. Live within your means so you don’t get stressed out.

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