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So Safe Water Technologies is a prominent leader in providing best quality water filtration products by employing the world class water purification technologies.

Since its inception in 1988, our organization has been led by Sultan Mahmood and Shahid Mahmood with the purpose of providing domestic filtration systems so that people have safe, fresh and healthy drinking water; the primary objective of our firm is to provide reasonable solutions to the clients in water purification industry.

In order to strengthen our position in the industry, we have diversified our business by including in our portfolio the designing, installation and commissioning of industrial Reverse Osmosis/Wastewater Treatment Plants globally. In addition to making a mark in Pakistan and UAE, we have been successfully supplying the products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

So Safe Water Technologies was established in 1980 with the prime objective of providing services to all those whoneed assistance in the field of water purification at an affordable cost.

Deteriorating health standards mainly due to water problems in most countries and especially in developing countries was the key motivating force for the establishment of these companies.

The first product introduced in the market was the domestic water filters. The popularity and effectiveness of domestic filters laid the foundation for development in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our quality control personal ensure highest degree of quality, its implementation, monitoring and control. Every project is designed and run to the entire satisfaction of the client. In 38 years of committed services to all the clients in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, the company has gained the confidence of its clients to the extent that the name So Safe has become synonymous with quality and health.

So Safe is now dealing in all types of water purification systems including:

Domestic Whole House Water Purification Systems & Commercial Water Purification Systems

Specialized Water Treatment Systems with Ultra Filtration Membrane Technologies

Reverse Osmosis Systems, Softeners and Deionizers.

  • Industrial Process Water Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Swimming Pool Equipment, Construction & Maintenance
  • Nano Bubble Technologies
  • (Lakes, Fish Ponds, Animal/Birds, Kidney Dialysis, Health Benefits)
  • Specialized Community Water Systems to Remove Heavy Metals Including Lead Arsenic & Florides Nitrates and
  • Nitrites in Coloration of Japanese Companies.
  • Specialized Technologies to Sterilize Tissue Paper through Steri Pro Paper Sterilization System
  • The mission of this organization is not only to provide effective water treatment solutions to all those requiring it but
  • to improve the health standards of the people of this nation to a level consistent with international standards.

So Safe endeavors to contribute in protection and improvement of the environment by vigorous educational programs and research for developing environment friendly products.

The company aims at targeting all the people in different geographic and demographic areas and relating to all social classes. This specific objective is achieved by provision of water treatment systems suiting for different segments.

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