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If you think that the only way to get pampered is a visit to the spa, then a visit to the Blush N Curls Salon, Dubai will change your mind! A salon cum spa, it has all that you need for a few hours of blissful pampering during your busy day and the best part is that it has easy parking options too! It cannot get better than that in Dubai.

A ladies only salon and spa that offers expert care with organic and natural products, Blush N Curls is the brainchild of Lavanya Vikram, a certified makeup artist and an ardent advocate of natural beauty solutions. She believes passionately in what she is doing and strives to offer the best to her customers with internationally renowned, vegan, paraben-free, sulphate free products.

Exclusive hair, facial and body treatments are the mainstay of the Salon, with separate sections and well-appointed rooms for nail and hair care, waxing, facials, massages and hammam. Each client receives a complimentary consultation from a team of certified therapists who evaluate skin type or scalp prior to treatments in order to select the best option.

We begin with the Cromo-Aroma Facial by Marzia Clinic, an Italian skin care expert brand. CROMO-aroma facials are their signature line of products based on colour therapy and can be used at home or spas. All CromoAroma facials use a balanced combination of Colour and BioAroma Oils to enhance the well-being of the body focusing not only on the physical state but the emotional state as well. The oils used are 100% pure, of natural origin extracted from barks, resins, flowers, and fruits. All products are paraben and preservative free, mineral oil free, silicone free, alcohol-free and vegan certified. These facials treat the skin inside out and address concerns that are a result of the imbalance caused by external factors like stress, lifestyle etc. It is based on the holistic concept that our skin is the reflection of our internal health and lifestyle. The treatment is based on colour therapy which is used to help solve the specific issues.

At the base of these products is the Oxygen-stimulating Molecular Complex, a pool of natural ingredients able to reach the connective layer passing through the base of the epidermis, where it enables new cells to use oxygen in order to increase their life. The key ingredients of these products pass through the superficial cellular barriers and reach the regenerative layer of the skin. Moreover, it has great hydrating and rejuvenating properties, resulting in stimulation of cellular metabolism.

The process begins with a private consultation that inquires about your concerns, lifestyle etc. This helps the therapist decide on the treatment suited to your needs. A soothing foot ritual marks the beginning of the treatment, instantly relaxing you! The treatment begins thereafter with the right colour therapy for your concerns, which in my case is blue as it has a calming and stress relieving effect on sensitive skin.

The facial begins with a back massage where the therapist kneads out the knots in the back with expert strokes using calming oils, putting you in a state of utter relaxation. This is followed by a cleansing ritual with bisabolol base, an exfoliating mask infused with micro-organisms that aid in the removal of dead skin followed by a soothing application of calming rose water. This is followed up with an invigorating massage targeting pressure points on the face to release toxins and tension. The process ends with a blue mask infused with blueberries and aromatic oils. While you allow the mask to penetrate, you get a relaxing hand massage! And once the mark is semi-dry it is removed, and an application of the serum leaves you with a fresh radiant skin.

The hand and feet pampering, and manicure pedicure are done with the exquisite Salt of the Earth products, infused with natural ingredients and trace minerals straight from America’s Great Salt Lake. The unique products are customised in each treatment by choosing booster ingredients to help with specific conditions such as dryness, ageing etc. along with a choice of seasonal aromas. You are asked to pick an aroma that makes you feel good and you instinctively know what is the right one for you! The products infused with the aroma of your choice are then used for you. Salt of the Earth Manicures and Pedicures improve the appearance of your feet and nails. They can help prevent nail disease and dry skin disorders. Dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off and reflexology leg massage below the knee is included. Cuticles are groomed, and toenails shaped. Hard skin is removed, and feet are exfoliated and massaged with deeply conditioning products, leaving them soft and beautifully smooth.

I have always had a problem styling my hair as I have limp thinning hair. I was suggested the Davines Naturaltech Replumping treatment. It began with a wash with the Replumping shampoo, a clarifying shampoo that helps to remove all the build-up from products used, leaving the scalp squeaky clean. The conditioner used thereafter made my hair soft and silky leaving them with a sheen.

Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive was the star in this set.   It was applied all over the hair and left for around 15 minutes with a heat treatment and then washed off with the same shampoo and lo and behold! my hair was more volumized and shiny, very bouncy, full and soft. This power-packed formula thickens fine hair with the help of hyaluronic acid. A well-established ingredient in anti-aging skincare, it plumps, moisturizes, and strengthens strands to a shiny, rich effect. Lastly, a heat application was done to seal the goodness of the ingredients into the hair strands for long-lasting effect.

A few hours at Blush n Curls and I left with a glowing skin, shiny bouncy hair and soft beautiful hands and feet! It cannot get better than that!

With a focus on hygiene and keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of a modern woman, the salon offers hair, facial and body treatments to suit every need. Lavanya believes in educating every customer on the importance of self-care, allowing them to take informed decisions about their hair, skin and body resulting in lasting outcomes.


Blush N Curls:

Contact: 04-2652292

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blushncurls

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blush.curls

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