7 Best Skincare Tips During Pregnancy

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7 Tips for Fighting the Dry, Itchy Skin You Might Have During Pregnancy

Your Skin Might Change During Pregnancy — Here are 7 Tips for Handling It

Pregnancy is a time of great change. You were already prepared for the giant belly and swollen legs, but you might not have realized how much pregnancy can mess with your skin.

You may have a laundry list of complaints you weren’t expecting, like skin dryness, itching, skin darkening, and even acne.

Keep It Clean

With acne plaguing up to 50 percent of pregnant women, you need to make a special effort to keep your skin clean. You should wash your face twice a day. If you are working out and sweating heavily, you should also clean it after a workout session. The best thing to use is an oil-free and alcohol-free cleanser. Gentle pregnancy-safe products are the way to go.

Use Cotton Rounds or a Washcloth

Cotton rounds can be an effective tool for fighting acne. If you don’t want to spend the money or you are being environmentally friendly, use a washcloth instead. The light exfoliating action of a washcloth or cotton rounds can help combat acne without being too abrasive on your face.

Skip the Topical or Oral Treatments

Oral prescriptions for acne during pregnancy are a no-no. They can pose great harm to your unborn baby.

The same might be true of topical treatments. Many over-the-counter acne treatments should be avoided because of the possibility of birth defects.

But even lower-strength topical treatments found on the shelves without prescription should potentially be avoided. Although some of the safest options while pregnant include benzoyl peroxide or erythromycin, there’s no guarantee these won’t impact your baby. There haven’t been enough studies to say for certain.

Many women skip acne medications altogether to be on the safe side. Wouldn’t you rather have bad skin for nine months than possibly harm your baby?

Fight Those Stretch Marks

Many women fear getting Finally, although whether it helps isn’t certain, try applying cocoa butter or another creamy lotion onto your belly twice a day. stretch marks during pregnancy. While avoiding them altogether isn’t totally within your control, you can do some things to lessen their severity. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water. Focus on eating a diet rich in vitamin C and E, which can help boost your collagen and may help your skin avoid some of the damage brought on by pregnancy. You can exercise to avoid extra weight gain and help your circulation.

Battle the Itch

Keeping some kind of creamy lotion nearby is the best bet for fighting that itchy skin many women get during pregnancy.

You can use that cocoa butter anywhere you have itching. Some women also apply olive oil onto their skin to combat any dryness.

Create Your Own Products in Your Kitchen

With so many facial products frowned upon when you’re pregnant, you can make your own in your kitchen. Whip up a honey and yogurt mask, or use a sugar scrub to buff away the dead skin cells on your dry lips.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body makes collagen when you sleep, which is good news for your face. That can lead to fewer wrinkles over time. Your body makes collagen when you sleep, which is good news for your face. That can lead to fewer wrinkles over time. A lack of sleep can make you feel more stressed, and if you’re struggling with acne, stress can make it worse. Try for 8 to 10 hours a night, if you need that much.

Baby Yourself

You might spend more time worrying about your skin and taking care of it now that you’re pregnant, but don’t worry. If there was ever a good time to focus on yourself, pregnancy is it! You’re under enormous pressure and should take the time to fully take care of all your needs.

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