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Says, Caley Jack. Yogalife meets her to know more.

•                Please tell us about the Les Mills workouts.

We have such a vast variety of different styled workouts! From resistance/weighted workouts to dance, indoor cycling and HIIT. One of my favorite Les Mills workouts is Body Balance – a 55min fusion of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates; it’s amazing!

•                Why should one opt for these workouts?

These workouts are backed by science, we have a huge technical team that ensure the workouts are results driven. The workouts are inspired by music and lastly, the technical coaching is unlike any I’ve experienced before! They are so rich in value.

•                Is it suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness?

Absolutely! We have programs available for all age groups, young to old – starting with our ‘Born To Move’ program for kids! 

•                What is your favourite Les Mills workout?

That’s difficult to say as I love so many of them! It depends what mood I’m in and what workout my mind and body are ready for on the day.

•                Is the mind equally important in the fitness journey? How?

In my opinion, yes. Your mindset is often the determining factor of you physically executing what you set your mind out to do. I like to call it Mental fitness! How do we improve our mental fitness, so that our mind and body can work in unison? We need to practice discipline, consistency and really understand the benefits that come from keeping physically active – there’s so much LONGEVITY within these benefits!

•                What is your fitness routine like?

I keep it diverse, integrating strength/resistance, cardio and mobility/flexibility training into my week, in between teaching group fit classes. This helps me stay fit for teaching as well as it keeps my own body in check.

•                What do you eat?

My husband and I love to cook! We try stick to clean, wholefoods where possible. Avoiding refined and processed products. Fresh is best! I have a sweet tooth, so I’ve gotten creative in finding delicious sweet treats that consist of unrefined sugars and clean ingredients! Saying this, we feel balance is also super important. Treat meals, cheat meals… whatever you like to call it – haha! Fuel your engine with high quality fuel, and it will perform at its best.

•                What is your relaxation routine?

Cleaning … crazy huh? I find cleaning and laundry lower my anxiety levels! Anyone else with me? I love a full body massage and facial – self-care makes the world of difference. Setting quiet time aside for devotional reading and meditation is important to me and spending quality time with my family and two pups!

•                What is the importance of massage in fitness?

Muscle recovery… Massage Therapy isn’t for everyone but the benefits of it is certainly worth investing in! It improves blood flow, speeds up muscle recovery, releases adhesions improving range of motion, it helps prevent sport injuries, decreases inflammation, it can help improve energy levels, lower stress/anxiety. These are just a few amazing benefits that come from massage therapy! I’d personally recommend having a standing appointment every 2weeks.

•                Your top 5 fitness tips:

  1. Have variety in your fitness routine, 2) nutrition is key for performance and recovery, 3) sleep is the best form of recovery, 4) prioritize mobility work on your body, 5) find someone (gym buddy) or anchor yourself to something (your goals) to keep you accountable to weekly consistency.

Caley Jack is a Les Mills Global Brand Ambassador, Masterclass Presenter and National Educational Trainer, who is also passionate about pre/post-natal fitness as well as Sports Massage Therapy. She is currently living between South Africa and the United States. Her passion is bringing purpose to fitness through community, bringing people together to explore the benefits and vitality of health and fitness!

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