Go Vegan at Farzi Café, Dubai

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Whether you’re an established vegan or experimenting with Veganuary, the brand-new Vegan menu at Farzi Café, Dubai is one that you must try.
The brainchild of restaurateur Zorawar Kalra, Farzi Café has been making waves in Dubai since it started its first outlet at City Walk Dubai. Now with an additional outlet at MOE, located strategically next to the cinema, it has much more to offer to the discerning public of Dubai who are spoilt for choice.
Their prolonged success is probably due to a number of factors: imaginative twists on classic recipes, the odd molecular classic, an exceptional variety of mocktails, reasonable pricing, and overall an amazing experience.
Recently they have launched their Vegan menu which promises to deliver all that the clientele is used to and much more.
It begins with a piquant tasty tomato rasam which is a green pea noodle soup with freshly ground spices. The noodles made from fresh green pea paste are added to the hot rasam that is served making it an interesting dish with a burst of flavours. The starters comprise of tandoori wild mushrooms with saute pepper or the tandoori aloo featuring a tangy raw mango glaze.
Mains on offer include an aubergine steak moussaka with sesame peanut curry – healthy, flavorful and nourishing, a traditional South Indian pan tossed mix of summer vegetables infused with the Asian yellow curry ‘Khao suey’ – an innovative twist on the Burmese delicacy bursting with authentic flavours and the humble power nut poha with sauteed asparagus – a tasty and nutritious take on the simple and heartwarming dish of poha.
The meal is rounded off with a vegan almond kheer that is delicious and the perfect ending to the sumptuous meal, with its thick, rich consistency and a wonderfully nutty flavor.

Tandoori Wild Mushrooms, Sautee Pepper

Prep time: 15mins | Cook time: 10mins |Serves: 1-2

  • Button Mushrooms 75gms
  • Enoki mushrooms 25gms
  • Shimji mushrooms 25gms
  • Portobello mushrooms 30gms
  • Garlic 10gms
  • Salt 5gms
  • Blackpepper crushed 6gms
  • Olive oil 10ml
  • Coriander 5gms

Wash and cut the button mushrooms and Portobello mushrooms into quarters.
clean the other mushrooms and cut off the ends.
in a pan add the olive oil and garlic and sautee. Add the mushrooms and toss until cooked.
add the seasoning and finish with chopped coriander.

Tandoori Aloo
prep time: 45mins | cook time: 30mins | serves: 2-4


  • potatoes 2kg
  • carrots 300gms
  • beans 150gms
  • babycorn 150gms
  • raisins 50gms
  • fried cashewnuts 30gms
  • fried almonds 30gms
  • salt 30gms
  • red chilly powder 20gms
  • coriander powder 20gms
  • cumin powder 20gms
  • coriander 15gms
  • turmeric powder 20gms
  • oil 50ml
  • ginger 50gms
  • cumin whole 15gm
  • cornflour 100gms
  • sesame seeds 20gms
  • Method
  • wash and peel potatoes. Scoop out the center and keep aside. Boil the potatoes in turmeric and salt water.
  • cut vegetables into small dices and boil in water, and cool.
  • add oil to a pan and saute cumin and ginger, add the boiled vegtables with the masalasad cook evenly, adjusting seasoning. Keep aside and cool.
  • take the trimmings got from the scooped out potatoes and deep fry. Cool and and it to the cooked vegetables.
  • stuff the above mixture into the boiled potatoes. Make a batter of corn flour and water and dip the stuffed potatoes in it. Roll this then onto a bed of sesame seeds.
  • finish it off in the tandoor or hot plate till you get a even golden colour all around.
  • serve with a sweet mango chutney.
Almond Kheer
prep time:10mins | cook time: 30mins | serves 2-3


  • rice 50gm
  • almond 50gm
  • almond milk 1ltr
  • sugar 60gms
  • saffron 1gm
  • cardamom powder 2gm

boil the milk. Add the washed and soaked rice into it. Then add saffron.
once the rice is half cooked add sugar.
boil some almonds, peel and make into paste. Add this to the milk mixture.
reduce the milk on a low heat for extra 10mins and remove. Add cardamom powder.
serve cold.

Powernut Poha.

prep time: 15mins | cook: 10mins | serves 2-3

poha(flattened rice) 70gms
potatoes cubed and fried 60gms
turmeric 5gm
cherry tomato 50gm
asparagus 80gm
garlic 10gm
mustard seeds 5gm
urad dal 5gm
curry leaves 5gm
salt 8gm
coriander 10gm
coriander seeds 5gm
masala peanuts 20gms
oil 20ml
soak poha in water and drain.
in a pan add oil, once heated add mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves and saute. Add garlic
once sauteed add fried cubed potatoes and cherry tomatoes. Add turmeric and salt.
add soaked poha and finish with chopped coriander leaves.
in another pan heat up oil and sautee crushed coriander seeds. Add boiled asparagus and season.
place the cooked poha in a plate and top it with sauteed asparaus.

For more information visit www.farzicafe.ae

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