The importance of right Yoga wear

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Anyone who practices yoga knows just how important the right clothes can be. Nike aces it with their latest Yoga wear collection – Nike Infinalon. We tell you why.

The right yoga wear is all about comfort, flexibility and breathability! Yoga requires you to move into different positions easily and effortlessly and wearing tight or constricting clothes makes this difficult and uncomfortable. Ideally yoga wear should be loose and flowing but also comfortable enough to stay in the right place and support during the different poses.

And why should you not look good while wearing comfortable yoga wear? I am sure none of us like to turn up for that yoga class in a pair of slacks and t shirt! Wearing stylish and comfortable yoga gear goes a long way in boosting your confidence and encouraging you in your routine. You want to be comfortable, adaptable and free, but you also want to be stylish! Nike Infinalon is all that and more!

Movement without restriction is the heartbeat of Nike Yoga’s new collection. The collection features Nike’s latest performance fabric innovation: Nike Infinalon, keeping elasticity, softness and flexibility at the top for an ultimate on-the-mat experience.

The stretch and flexibility of this fabric is much better than spandex and continues to provide a comfortable and consistent fit after multiple uses and washes.

The fabric feels light on the skin and allows for a lot of breathability during the poses. It is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch and feels extremely comfortable. You feel fresh and on-the-go even after an hour of yoga while wearing this. It has that snug feeling that makes you want to bum around the house in it and even go to sleep in it! And it looks stylish enough to be worn for a coffee date too!

The collection will be available at the Nike Beacon store.

Nike Yoga Luxe Tights priced at AED 449

Nike Yoga Luxe Crop Tank at AED 209

Nike Yoga Layer SS Top at 149 AED.

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