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The Secret Healing Powers of Seeds

When it comes to addressing issues of modern life such as anxiety, fear, depression, low immunity and basically a relentlessly fast-paced life, age-old healing methods just might be the answer. 

I am on a journey of exploring and creating awareness about various healing modalities that are available to us, and this one goes back to roots, seeds actually! Seed therapy is a somewhat forgotten, yet immensely powerful technique to alleviate concerns at the physical, mental as well as emotional level, using hands and feet as treatment areas. 

Chronic pain, illnesses and diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, backache, joints pain, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, constipation, acidity, obesity and diabetes can all be addressed with the tiny powerhouses. 

Seeds are crops at their very beginning stage of life. Because they contain all the nutrients essential for growing a healthy and resilient plant, they are holders of the life force. Just consider: a seed holds the potential not just for one tree, but over time, for an entire forest. Seeds are powerful and intelligent — they persevere, and at exactly the right moment, they can transform into something much bigger and more magnificent than what they appeared to be. Now imagine what it can do for the body. 

Seed Therapy is based on Sujok Therapy; Su means hand and Jok means foot. The name signifies the importance of using hands and feet as areas of treatment for the whole body. Seed Therapy deals with the application of seeds, attaching it with a tape to a corresponding point in the hand or foot of a person feeling pain. Sujok works on the faith that the whole body can be condensed into the hand or feet. Specific points in our hands and feet correspond to different organs. The thumb, for example, is considered to be the head.

Placing two flaxseeds or a few rice seeds just below the top of the thumb—where the eyes would be in the head—will help relax the eyes after a long day spent staring at the computer. 

Another important factor for treatment is the shape of the seeds being used. After identifying the area on the hand which corresponds to the pain, seeds are placed there with sticky tape or Band-Aid for a minimum of four hours or can be left overnight. This procedure is repeated for as long as required, and till you feel the difference. 

Spherical shaped seeds like black pepper are known to heal hypertension. Kidney-shaped red beans are used to treat kidney and stomach related disorders. Rice is used to relief swelling, redness, bronchial problems and so on.

When things seem simple enough to do at home, they usually are! A short course in Seed Therapy can give you the necessary knowledge to self-heal as you sleep. 

To learn the ancient healing modality of Seed Therapy, contact me on @delnaanand
Delna is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Meditation Coach, specializing in sound healing and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Akashic Records and more. Through this column, she explores the various modes of healing, energy healing and self-healing that are available to us. To be featured in this column or if you have any questions, you may contact @delnaanand

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