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Bollywood star Esha Gupta was in Dubai to open the two-day X Yoga festival. Esha has been practicing Iyengar yoga for the past few years and Surya Namaskar is her go-to yoga routine. Viki Shah talks to her to find out more.

Q: What does yoga mean to you? 

A: Nowadays and in these times, it is about taking that one breath and moment for yourself and thanking God and giving gratitude and following with your life. 

Q: Why Iyengar Yoga? 

A: Iyengar for me basically because its more about alignment, posture. For me it is Iyengar because I’ve been an athlete; as actors we dance, wear heels so what happens is we tend to ignore if we get any injury. I’ve seen a lot of people, a lot of athletes as well as athletes that I know and I’m talking international level athletes, whose body is not aligned; even for you guys, office going people, they keep sitting on a chair and they don’t realize that their hip is not on position or something like that. Iyengar yoga uses a lot of props and it helps you not only stretch and use core but actually helps your body alignment which for me is really important. I have had a lot of injuries but Iyengar has really helped me to connect with the core and connect with myself to realize, okay this is my injury, but I walk different. I have noticed in so many people when they are walking they don’t realized their left hip is going somewhere, their right shoulder is down but now I’m just so aware of my body that I know exactly where, how I’m taking a step. 

Q: How has yoga helped you? Does it make you a different person? 

A: Honestly, I’ve been doing yoga for six years but I’ll say as a person I think it’s been only six months that I started practicing yoga in a way of connecting with my soul because like 2019 was really stressful for me and a year before that as well has been really hectic and stressful; last year generally as career wise was really stressful, so I think for a personal development, meditation is really important but only yoga can do that. Everyday you’ll be on your phone, social media, talking to so many people, travelling so much; we forget that we need to fist love our self and yoga does that to you. 

Q: What is your favorite yoga routine? 

A: Surya Namaskar, because it helps you lengthen, it gives you agility and it helps you lose weight as well. You know why not? I think Surya Namaskar is my go to for anything like: don’t have time to do weights- Surya Namaskar,  have a back problem- Surya Namaskar, my neck is stiff – Surya Namaskar or today I have to show my body but I don’t have time to  work out because you know we have call time at 5 am and all so Surya Namskar! 😊 

Q: What are your top tips for our readers for a healthy and happy life? 

A: I think first of all guys please stop connecting to social media! I know our world is about social media so is everyone, but people really need to realize that it’s not really social, let’s just get it true. It’s media by the end. Secondly, just practice something every morning. For me, I believe in waking up and doing it first thing in the morning whether it’s your stretch, it’s your Surya Namaskar, yoga, workout, whatever because when you’re sweating, it actually releases the toxins from your body and the moment you sweat out first thing in the morning your whole day goes well. That’s when you start fresh and its actually science.  I used to train in the evening, but I realized it the moment I started doing a morning ritual; just 10 minutes to yourself and you have a better and more positive day! 

Image taken from Esha Gupta Instagram

Q: What is a day in your life like?

A: I wake up by 6-6:30 in the morning every day, without eating I just freshen up probably have a fruit or coconut water, coffee or whatever and then go and do my pilates or yoga or kick boxing or weight training then I come back shower and start my whole day which means either we have meeting or we have fittings, or a shoot or you know if there’s nothing stay at home read a book or Netflix. 

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