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Amina Taha made the transition from the fashion industry to be a yogi because she has found succor in yoga. She now seeks to change the lifestyles of her students with yoga, the way it impacted her. Amina was in Dubai for the X Yoga festival and she talks to Viki Shah.

Q: How did the switch from fashion to yoga happen? 

A: The switch happened pretty naturally and organically; I wasn’t very aware of it while it was happening but I was working as a fashion designer and I was practicing at the same time and I decided to do my teacher training just to deepen my knowledge of yoga, no plans to teach at all and then I came back and I started teaching my fashion clients some yoga and then they told their friends, sisters and it started growing and growing and then I was teaching two classes before work, two classes after work and it just made sense to just make a switch. It was amazing because I was my own boss and I was able to share something that I love with all my time, so yeah, it kind of happened just like that. 

Q: What does yoga mean to you? 

A: Yoga means meeting myself everyday as I am and without judgments or expectations or attachments; just myself, who I am. 

Q: How does yoga help you? Are you a different person? Has it changed you? What has it done to you? 

A: Definitely! yoga has helped me build a lot of confidence and courage; like released a lot of fear and I think that I wasn’t aware of the infinite possibilities within myself until I found yoga. It also helped me to be more in the present because I was able to learn how to breathe and learn how to just let go of any worries of future, anything I was holding on from the past, I was able to really step into myself into the present and with that I found a lot of freedom. 

Q: What is your approach to a healthy and happy life? 

A:  It’s definitely just practicing being more conscious, less reactive, more conscious whether it’s in everyday life being a mom and not being reactive to little things, just do it, approaching everything from a conscious stand point where I’m able to reflect and act rather than just react. 

Q: What is your daily yoga practice like? 

A: It’s different every day, it used to be very disciplined. Every single day I would do an hour or hour and a half. I’m just really working towards little things that I’m inspired by my practice but now that I’m a mom I don’t always have the liberty of stepping on my mat for an hour or hour and a half uninterrupted, so little bits of pieces here and there. Mainly the yoga that’s off the mat is what I’m doing right now, and I try to get in the practice, physical practice but it’s mainly just breath awareness, being conscious in parenting and teaching. 

Q: Would you teach your child yoga? 

A: I teach him already, he knows yoga. He is a year and a half and one of his firsts words was handstands. He is a little yogi, because they, kids don’t learn by you telling them what to do they learn by seeing you and observing. Even from now if he gets frustrated, I’ll tell him to breathe and he’ll take a little breath and he knows now that if he’s frustrated, I see him go like (breathing). It’s amazing! 

Q: What are your diet and fitness tips for our readers? 

A: My diet tip is to eat what makes you feel good. If you check in with your body you’ll know what you don’t need to eat and you’ll see how your body feels after you eat sometimes things give you pleasure but afterwards you don’t feel so good. So, for me what I realized is not to restrict my eating but to eat things that nourish me from the inside and that will give you energy to go on with your life being happy and balanced. With fitness it’s also the same thing, approaching it with more a gentle approach. Sometimes we see it like a punishment like I had a cheesecake now and I have to run on the tread mill for like 30 minutes but instead it’s a privilege to move your body, look forward to it. Enjoy it, it’s a blessing that we’re able to move in the way that we can; just always honoring that it’s a privilege and re-enjoying that process rather than looking for the results. 


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