5 tips to Declutter your life NOW!

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Decluttering coach Saahil Mehta offers 5 tips to Declutter Your Home and Mind to achieve the clutter-free life you want with a stress-free, happy mind that can handle anything life throws your way.

Saahil Mehta – the decluttering coach. Born and raised in Belgium and of Indian descent, Saahil’s life has blessed him to live in five countries across three continents giving him a global outlook. Struggling to balance his life, Saahil was not comfortable with the labels given to him and had lost touch with his authentic self. While on a trip, unmasked in an environment without judgement, his eyes opened to how happy he could be. This feeling of euphoria triggered him to declutter from the material world, body, people and mind in search of identity resulting him to discover his authentic self and living a life of passion and purpose, giving unimaginable results. He now offers his audience the opportunity to experience the same through the art of decluttering.

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