Nature’s message was always there and for us to see!

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“Each one of us, not only human beings but every leaf, every weed, exists in the way it does, only because everything else around it does. The individual and the universe are inseparable.” ~Alan Watts

Everything that exists is part of the whole, all life is interconnected. We can see this everywhere around us and more so these days as Coronavirus is brutally reminding us about our disconnected relationship with nature.

Nature is the greatest teacher. It teaches us about interconnectedness of everything, the laws of cause and effect, about the complexity of balance. Learn to understand nature and its signals to lead a better life!

Sarah Abdelal creates a beautiful pack of Nature’s consciousness oracle cards and tells us about how it came to be.

“Three years ago, I was going through a shamanic healing session and got some insights how nature and animals are coexisting with us to teach us life lessons through simple observation. Since that day I connected with nature, insects, animals, and plants on a deeper level of consciousness and was flooded blissfully with divine life lessons that I seek to share with others. And this Oracle Deck was created.

I have gracefully chosen certain, plants, animals and nature elements with lessons that were very much aligned with our human experience.”

These cards are created with the aim to spread awareness that Nature and animals are our greatest teachers with divine messages for us. The Nature’s Consciousness Oracle Deck has 44 cards, beautiful hand-painted watercolor pictures on one side and deep messages on the other side with a special affirmation to use for healing and integration of the message. They come with a semi-precious stone bracelet, a beautiful textile envelope and lots of love and guidance.

The deck is available in two languages: English and Arabic and is for AED200/- including delivery within the UAE.

They are very easily used and will always surprise you with the exact message you need to hear:)


Contact Sarah Abdelal:

Facebook: @hypnotransition | Instagram :@hypnotransition |

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