Part 1 of 3 Mindful Snacking by Ahlaam Ali #MBSDetox

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Whether you are stress eating due to the Pandemic or you simply are a Stress eater and with lots of time on your hands, you feel like you absolutely must snack, here are some fun ideas for Mindful Snacking!

  1. Firstly be aware that you WILL Snack! It is simply a fact that you have to accept and be aware of!! Do NOT Deny it, work with it!
  2. Choose your snacks intelligently
  3. Plan your snacks
  4. Do NOT fall for the C FOODS – Chips, Cookies, Chocolate, Cheese, Crackers
  5. Choose the Nutrient Dense snacks – these can be fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds or granola/nut bars made at home or by a reliable company Making these little changes can go a long way to making a big difference to your waistline!!

You don’t have to give up all the C Foods, however you do need to use them smartly and choose the healthier option. If you are craving chocolate have the dark variety and team it up with fresh berries. These berries are low on sugar and high on nutrients and antioxidants. If you are having sugar cravings instead go for the nut butters or a handful of nuts and seeds. That way your sugar cravings disappear quite miraculously. Try making Granola bars at home! Always make sure you have a healthy clean options at home sitting around the kitchen and in your friidge. Clear out your cupboards and refrigerators for junk food. Go shopping for clean healthy options definitely not in packets. This will help you when you get your weak moment.

I personally have these little cheeze cakes from… that are totally Gluten free, Dairy free and sugar free made with pure cashew, walnuts and dates. This is the kickass healthy treat I give myself after a workout. My incentive that keeps me eating clean and healthy the rest of the day!

So keep clean, keep healthy and stay Mindful! To ask Ahlaam Ali specific questions about your weight loss and its challenges, you can email her on Ahlaam works from: Harley Street Wellbeing Ahlaam Ali – H.I.Dip (Advance Nutrition) Master Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHDip) Master NLP & EFT Practitioner Accredited member ACCPH UK Mob: +44 7379 432 860 UAE Mob: +97155 9500094 To know more visit http://getfitwithahlaamali.mystriking

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