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 I am sure a lot of you have spent this time at home watching Netflix with your partner/friend, while giving in to those snacking urges while at it. Now, we have a better option for you. Take that break to order a Munchbox Snack Box instead of rushing to the microwave to make that popcorn or grabbing that bag of chips! Yummy, healthy and easy to order they are the best snacks to binge on.

If you are on the lookout for healthy snacks and treats to enjoy at home or at work, when you are back or if you already are, your search ends here. Whether it is chocolate you crave for or chips, nuts and snacks or vegan options, they have it all. There is something for everyone – Protein, Vegan, Chilli, Light, Choco, Keto is a range of six amazing snack boxes with a wide array of munchies to choose from. The brand offers a same day delivery if you order before 3 pm in Dubai. What more do you need?

Packed with healthful ingredients, there’s a huge selection of snacks to choose from ranging from energy balls to multi-seed crackers, cookies, choco discs, dehydrated veggies, berry mixes, nuts in flavourful options like wasabi to sweet and savoury mixes – the list is endless. For example, the Vegetable crunch is a delectable selection of dehydrated, flavourful veggies that and tasty and crunchy and will never leave you asking for chips anymore! It promised to tickle your taste buds and leave you asking for more and this is something you can have more of without worrying about the calories piling on! If you are stickler for reading labels, worry not! Each box comes with a detailed sheet of all snacks listed with their ingredients and nutrition facts. The names are also fun to read – Coconutty snowflake, Where did all the good Mango, Cinna-mon amour, Vegetable crunch, Carrot live without you, Wasabi beetbox and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today. (800 68624). | Instagram: @munchboxdubai

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