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Skin serums are the new rage these days, for a fresh, hydrated, blemish-free and glowing skin. But if don’t know where to begin, Kathryn Jones– Founder, KJ Serums tells you all you want to know before you begin.

  • What are serums?

Serums are skincare formulas designed to have a higher concentration of specific active ingredients typically used to treat skin concerns such as wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation. They are generally of a thinner consistency than moisturisers which allows for easier penetration of the deeper layers of the skin. 

  • Why do we need to use them?

They will provide more concentrated active ingredients and can accelerate anti-ageing and skin refining benefits. 

  • How do they help?

Serums can help not only to target specific issues such as wrinkles and pigmentation but can also improve over all condition of the skin making it healthier and brighter. They help to improve, moisturise and hydrate our skin to impart that healthy, fresh-faced glow. 

  • What ingredients should we look for in serums?

There is a plethora of serum types from very thin water-based serums to the heavier oil-based night-time serums, and they can contain many different ingredients.

Essentially, you should look for serums that contain actives with a proven track record such as vitamin C, vitamin A (retinol), hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to name but a few. Ideally you should make your choice based on your individual skincare requirements and not what the latest skincare ‘buzz word’ is. Ask yourself ‘what does my skin need’ or ‘what do I want this serum to do for me’. This should help you make the correct decision when deciding which of the many different serum types to choose from.

  • Who should use serums and at what age?

Anyone can use a serum, typically from around the age of 20 years onwards, and there is no upper age limit. The younger you start your anti-ageing routine, the longer your skin will stay young looking!

  • What is the best way to apply serums?

Serums would normally be applied as the first step in your skin care regime after cleansing. They should be applied to all of the areas that you want to treat, and this can include the face, neck, chest and even the back of the hands. You should allow them to penetrate the skin and dry completely before moving to the next step. When used in conjunction with a proper moisturiser, the moisturiser will help to lock in the serum and maximise the benefits.

  • And should serums be a part of a daily beauty routine?

If you are trying to maintain youthful, healthy looking skin for as long as possible then the answer is yes, yes and yes! 

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With its vegan friendly, paraben-, PEGS-, phthalates-, sulphates-, mineral-oil-, synthetic fragrances- and formaldehyde-free formulations, KJ Serums is defined in the UAE market as the only skincare brand that offers serums that are made to order every month, with the option of  monthly subscription plans available at a discounted rate.

With its impressive portfolio of fresh and long-life serums, the brand caters to all complexion types varying from acne prone to anti-ageing to radiance and hydrating ranges: 

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