Why Synctuition is the best Meditation App ever?

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We tell you all you want to know about this fantastic new app that is absolutely free until the end of July 2020. Co-Founders Allan Eesmaa and Michael Burich put to rest all your FAQs.

Allan Eesmaa:

How will Synctuition help us in current times to beat anxiety and stress?
Synctuition combines beautiful music as well as advanced technology such as binaural beats which have proven benefits for the mind. What Synctuition accomplishes the best is helping to immerse oneself into a world created by your own imagination in just a few minutes. This is accomplished using 3D sounds and the way the journeys were created to feel almost like “mind movies.” Once you are in that world, you don’t worry about the past or the future, you are present in the moment which is ultimately what reduces your stress and anxiety. 

But Synctuition does more than that, I compare it to a “mind spa” where every session of Synctuition helps you get rid of the negativity you accumulate during the day. It’s just like brushing your teeth in the evening – it’s important to “clean your mind” on a daily basis, or else this negativity gets stored in your subconscious and affects your long-term level of happiness.

Please tell us about the different tracks/journeys and their purpose.
Each journey was designed like a mini movie and has a positive affirmation in the beginning and a storyline throughout. We team worked with psychologists to come up with these scripts and we were sure to touch on topics which help people gain self-confidence and see a better version of themselves. The musical part of the track is a story in itself and is designed to immerse you in a world that you create with your imagination. This is a powerful way to practice mindfulness as it takes you away from your worries and allows you to be present in the moment. The purpose of all the journeys is to help the listener relax, uplift their mood, increase positivity and help with sleep.

What is the purpose of the different journeys like The password, Genie in a bottle, Fairy tale etc.?
All of the journeys still follow the purpose I mentioned above. We are taking a person on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and help them see the world in a much more positive way. These specific journeys also talk about important topics such as taking shortcuts in life, about endless possibilities and abundance and about knowing what you want so that you can help materialize it. One of our most special journeys is 9 months, which takes the listener back to their mother’s womb – it is a very emotional journey and is one of our listener’s favorites.

How to the different levels add to an enhanced mindfulness experience?
We use binaural beats in gamma waves. As people go through the levels and their brain adjusts to the sound, we slightly increase the intensity of these waves. This helps the mind get an even deeper experience and the full benefits of binaural beats in the gamma wave frequency. We add it gradually just for the listener to have the smoothest and most enjoyable experience.

Is everyone intuitive? If not, how does the app help tap into our inherent intuitive powers?
Everyone has intuition.
The level to which it’s developed often depends on the experiences a person has and the lessons they learned from them among many other things. People can develop sharper intuition over time, especially when working on their mental health. Our app uses binaural beats to help create new neural connections in the brain which can help with creativity, clarity of mind, memory and more.  I feel what is more important is how much do people trust their intuition rather than outside factors in their decision making. Our app encourages people to look for positivity and not question their journey so much, but rather trust their inner voice and work towards finding and realizing their gift.

Give 5 reasons for using this app over others.
1. Synctuiton uses 3D sounds which were recorded in the field in over 2000 locations around the world. It brings you as close to nature as an audio product possible could.

2. It uses advanced technology which is safe and has tremendous benefits for the brain.

3. It is the most entertaining way to practice mindfulness. The journeys are immersive, and they help expand your imagination.

4. It will help you develop a new healthy habit as a new journey will open up every 12 hours.

5.  It is the only product in the category designed like as a Mind Spa – helping you wash away negative thoughts and fills you with positivity. 


Michael Burich:

What is a good meditation app?

A good meditation app is one that has a very low learning curve, a consistent experience and when you can feel it’s benefits after just a few uses. Ideally, you want to have a fun experience while doing it so that you would enjoy using the product daily rather than feel like it is “work”

Why Synctuition? Give me 5 reasons why Synctuition over other meditation apps.

All our journeys are designed like mini movies, so it is the most entertaining way to work on mental health.

We use 3D sounds which help you fully immerse yourself into the Synctuition world which is partly created with your own imagination.

It has the most advanced tech from other meditation apps. We use binaural beats, gamma waves and other technologies which we back with 106 scientific studies.

You can experience relaxation and better sleep after even a single experience.

It is built like a Mind Spa, which will help you wash away the negativity you accumulate during the day and make you more positive.

Is it easier to maintain a mindfulness regime with a meditation app?

For many of us, simply sitting down and being “in the moment” is incredibly challenging. Our minds are filled with thoughts of the past and worries about the future. A mindfulness app definitely helps with shifting thoughts away towards the moment. However, why Synctuition excels is that the sounds are not just sounds, they are almost like mind movies. With the help of 3D sounds, we are able to almost instantly place the listener into a world that his imagination helps create. It is a very unique mindfulness experience and one that our users are saying is very consistent. 

Does Synctuition help with an accentuated essential or self-directed, silent practice of mindfulness, also making it a habit?

We like to accentuate Synctuition being more like a mind spa that washes away negativity. We have certain positive affirmations in the beginning which help people increase their self-confidence and envision the greatest version of themselves. This is followed by incredible audio journeys which are all handcrafted musical masterpieces. As our tracks open in sequence – the next journey opening 12 hours after listening to the previous one – we definitely suggest making it a habit. 

Your top tips to make the most of Synctuition.

For most Synctution will feel like an audio experience they have never had before. We really encourage people to take 25 minutes a day (just 2% of your day) to work on your mental health and wash away the negativity you accumulate during the day. You may not feel it at the moment, but it all accumulates in your subconscious and when there is enough of it, your whole mental state becomes negative.

We recommend that you listen to Synctution once a day for 25 minutes and make it one of your positive habits for yourself. Having a strong mental health and a strong mind will be the single greatest investment you can make in yourself.


  • Always use headphones
  • Try to sit comfortably when you listen
  • Try to close your eyes and just immerse yourself in the journey
  • Great to listen before going to sleep


About Synctuition

Synctuition is an Estonian born start-up offering a unique relaxation experience technology. By using the amazing power of 3D sound, Synctuition goes far beyond meditative relaxation providing an immersive mind travel experience that cannot be compared to any other audio mediation in the world. In its first year, it has become one of the world’s leading mindfulness apps with over four million users in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. In 2019 the startup was also selected by Google as one of the Top 10 fastest growing startups in Europe.

Website: www.synctuition.com | Twitter: @synctuition | Hashtag: #syncforpositivity 

Available in App Store & Google Play | Visit www.synctuition.com to know more.

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