Yoga for Sciatica

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An excruciating pain radiating from the lower back, to the butt & hips, down the hamstring into the calves, may run down even up to the heels. Symptoms include lower back pain, leg pain, numbness or tingling sensation in the legs or feet. Reasons are Spinal or a Muscular malfunction. High impact activities such as running, jumping, cycling can flare up Sciatica.

Mindful practice of yoga poses for sciatica can help to alleviate pain & manage related symptoms.

Precautions: –  This asana practice can be done 1 hour before or after meal. Anyone with back injury or heart condition should avoid doing these poses.

It’s a combination of two yoga poses.  Repeat for a minute or up to 10 times.

Benefits: –

  • Releases tension in the back
  • Builds strength as you arch and round your back sequentially. 
  • Stretches and strengthens the glutes and the piriformis muscles.
2. Standing Side Bend: Ardha kati Chakrasana

Hold for a minute or 10 breaths. Repeat on either side. You can do the posture while seated upright on a chair.

Benefits: –

  • Helps strengthen the back muscles
  • Strengthens the oblique muscles 
  • Adequate strength to the entire vertebral column. 
  • Elongates and stabilizes the spine.
3. Half Waist Wheel Pose: Ardha Chakrasana

Hold the posture for a minute or 10 breaths. Come out of the posture slowly to avoid getting dizzy or losing balance. You can opt for a baby backbend to avoid putting stress on the lumbar region.

Benefits: –

  • Helps build a strong back 
  • Activates the sacrum. 
  • Stabilizes the spine 
  • Helps to alleviate back-related issues associated with poor standing, lying or sitting posture.
  • Include hot & cold Compress, Steam bath, Aroma Mineral Therapy, Partial Massage, and Hip Bath for relaxation along with asanas. 

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From software engineering to Wellness & Meditation Coach has been quite a journey. Ronak has completed 1000 hours of Teacher Training from various renowned institutes. He is a ERYT 500 hours USA Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. He has 6 million students on an online platform and still counting for Meditation and therapy Yoga.

He set the benchmark soaring by making it to the front-page of Gulf News. He also represented India in the International Dubai Yoga Festival. With many workshops & yoga retreats to his credits his emphasis has always been on the fact that that his students have an enriching experience of overall wellness. 

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