Healing Well from Hurt.

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How do you heal from hurt? Is it easy? Is it impossible? Not at all, says Melanie Gordon.

In human society we will have had experienced hurt at some point or have hurt others.  Would you be able to cope if there was not a balance in your career, homelife, relationships? What would happen if there where contradictions? Do we need the perfect balance to move forwards to heal from all the hurt that we experience in life?  We can experience our greatest sadness and overcome hurt, to have our greatest joys and harmony restored. There is a powerful representation in our emotional relationships between balance and chaos.

Within us we have tools to survive and change, to change partners or careers to move forwards and have our life in the perfect balance once again.  There are sides of life where hurt maybe brief and others hurt may take longer to heal. Finding new paths that take over the old way of life, to change situations and allow expansion and development.  Start to say YES again and give yourself a chance to become a better person, realise things are not always in our control but the way we react to them is.  Preparing the tools, we have already accumulated from past hurts or disappointments and knowing that we have recovered from that situation and have created our balance again, using or wisdom. To know we have the power to change patterns of life and to heal.

Some people live their lives to scared to go out there and change, to heal from the hurt so letting things fester and eat us from the inside.  When our lives have been altered by hurt, when our deepest fears have come true and we are emotionally burned we have to take our courage and go forwards, see nothing as a failure, life is about learning all the way throughout our time on Earth till we die.  The more we learn the greater the life experience, the more wisdom and knowledge we acquire. This in turn makes things easier for the future as we now have more tools at our disposal to go forwards and make good, sound decisions and have less fear to meet life head on.  That in itself is extremely powerful.

Learning from hurt goes into our memories for something we can draw on, the blueprint of life to navigate emotions and forgiveness for those who have wronged us. Push us forwards to have a free existence from any negative thoughts or actions or self-harming.  Freeing the body from being stuck and not shutting down from the emotional crisis can be the way many people deal with disproportionate anger. Find a way to change this and turn the anger into a different experience and let it move through the body freeing the emotions. To have new healthy relationships, having the bravery to step forwards and live without denying ourselves the solution of forgiveness. The act is to redeem those who have wronged us, not to condone or forget or make and excuse for them but to divorce ourselves for the events. This gives you the chance to change your life and to change direction.  

You can make forgiveness as easy or as difficult as you wish.  Changing your thought pattern and making an ugly experience into more than the sum of your past, why would you choose a life of hurt when you can choose a full life of love and laughter.  A world is outside, just waiting for you.


Say Hello to Melanie:

Hello!  My name is Melanie Gordon and I have run my own business Tocaso Holisics for several years.  I have taught 4-year olds to seniors within my Sanctuary as well as children in a number of different schools in the South Coast of England.  I trained originally in Asia and continued my training in the UK to level 4 standard Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation teacher, I hold Diplomas in Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and am REPs Level 3 qualified.  I have now moved to Dubai where I am pursuing my practice. 

Please visit Melanie Gordon’s new website at : Tocasoholistics.com for more information on Yoga, meditation, counselling, pilates and reiki.  | Instagram: tocaso_

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