How to deal with anxiety in current times

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A simple perspective on how to cope with coronavirus anxiety, and that anxiety is not a consequence of an outer situation but is being created unconsciously from within. This is the time to call forth all our intelligence and resilience, step up to this challenge, and come out on top.

Whether it is fear, anger, anxiety, joy, misery or ecstasy, all these are different types of emotions. If you have experienced fear you would know that it is one of the most debilitating emotions in a human mind.  It is a pull-down experience, not an uplifting experience. People have assumed that fear, anger and anxiety are all just there and we have to deal with them. No, you are creating them. Every human experience is coming from within you. There may be an external stimulus, but you create this. In the same given situation, one person may freak out of fear, another person may remain undisturbed.

This means that the situation is not giving you fear; it is the way you are reacting to it. If you are in a state of reaction, anything and anyone can just take charge of your life. Therefore, we talk about responsibility. Responsibility is not a civic aspect. Responsibility essentially means your ability to respond. If you have the ability to respond, you will do it the way you want. But if you are a compulsive reaction, the outside situation will take over your life. Virus or no virus, the outside situations in your life will never be one hundred percent in your hands.

That is the very nature of existence. Even before the virus, your home, office, or the street situation was never one hundred percent in your hands. It is the same thing now. So yes, it is a virus, but fortunately it is we who are the carriers. If we are careful and conscious, we will live through this. 


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