Is the Imagination the Way Forward to Happiness?

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By imagining happy things, we set ourselves up for happy things to happen to us, says Melanie Gordon. 

We need not limit our imagination. Nor do we need to limit our happiness. Start to imagine more happiness and we are likely to find ourselves happier.

Imagination is an extremely powerful too! It helps humans make scenes of the world around us, helping to escape from life at a moment’s notice.  The unlimited capacity of the imagination gives us no boundaries so we can be whatever we want to be and achieve what ever we desire, shaping our future by giving us the necessary push to go forwards. In our heads to explore different paths out sided our reach.  We can mentally visualise how we could like our lives to pan out.  The things we visualise may not be able to happen for a long time but it does give us scope for hope, that in itself is a powerful thing, being able to believe in a reasonable outcome.  Visualisation techniques can help with mental health.  Enabling us to make more stable decisions, choose the right values and persevere in goals.  Believing in yourself even if there is chaos and confusion in your life, that you can succeed in your efforts and create the future you desire.

When lives are turned upside down, a common way to help is to turn to prayer, in the hope that the prayer may be answered.  Asking for assistance from a higher power invites us to feel clear and invokes powerful feelings.  To make the prayer feel as if it is going to make a change, we can use visualisation and use our imagination; feel as if the prayer has already been answered so you can, in your own way make things happen for you too.  Feel the fullness and gratitude of the action, receive instead of asking. Have the feeling that this prayer is within our grasp, feel the energy that connects creation and making our own opportunities.  There is no bad luck, only different options, different paths, we are what our consciousness creates. We should always look upon ourselves with love and appreciation, look for the peace instead of hate.

If we feel things truly in our hearts, there is a possibility to change.  We should embrace this and push forward. Take yourself to a place of peace and gratitude when you are really happy and remember the feeling with clarity. Can happiness exist when everything is not in balance, when there are contradictions?  This is when we can use our visualisation as to see what life would be like without these obstacles in the way.  Remembering to visualise what you require and asking for help in the correct way by feeling the power within you and creating the moment when you achieve the goal of your prayer,  you can feel the uplift in your soul and the push to go forward in life.  Change is inevitable in life and we need to be mindful of change and how we adapt to it.  We cannot always change what we have now, but we can change the way to go forward and make the imagination work in such a positive way, that life over time can change for us.


Say Hello to Melanie:

Hello!  My name is Melanie Gordon and I have run my own business Tocaso Holisics for several years.  I have taught 4-year olds to seniors within my Sanctuary as well as children in a number of different schools in the South Coast of England.  I trained originally in Asia and continued my training in the UK to level 4 standard Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation teacher, I hold Diplomas in Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and am REPs Level 3 qualified.  I have now moved to Dubai where I am pursuing my practice. 

Please visit Melanie Gordon’s new website at: for more information on Yoga, meditation, counselling, pilates and reiki.  | Instagram: tocaso_

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