Disinfection of Soft Furnishings

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We have all been couch potatoes during the lockdown, using our couches and sofas to the maximum possible. This means more food spills, dirt, pet hair and more! We clean it on a routine basis but do not realise the role soft furnishings play in the spread of germs and microorganisms. Coverings such as leather or fabric upholstery, carpets, cushions etc.  host a lot of germs and bacteria, mold, and yeast. Champion Cleaners sanitise your soft furnishings, sofas and carpets and leave your living room germ free! 

Upholstery can allow bacteria to thrive and be spread from one person to another. On a daily basis, in a shared environment, pathogenic microorganisms can be transferred to high use hand-touch sites, including soft furnishings.

The fabrics on soft furnishings become stained through constant use, and there needs to be a means of ensuring that they are adequately cleaned. The ease and efficacy of cleaning is an important consideration because while self-cleaning if they are soiled and cannot be cleaned, they will need to be replaced. 

Don’t be tempted to try and clean your soft furnishings yourself. The DIY approach is easy and less expensive but never as effective as professional cleaning. Plus, it takes a lot of time and hard work, and it’s very easy to make a costly and irreparable mistake, as I did while trying to shampoo the sofa on my own! I scrubbed vigorously and ended up wearing out the fabric and the colour in spots making it completely un-usable with patches all over!

Moreover, self-cleaning will get out some of the dirt but will not remove allergens, dust mites or many of the deep-down contaminants that can cause your soft furnishings to wear out prematurely. 

Some home cleaning methods will make use of a detergent. Unfortunately, it is common for the cleaned surfaces to be not rinsed well, leaving chemical residues behind. This can be worse and apart from soiling and staining fabrics, can be harmful to your health and well-being, causing rashes, breathing problems and the worsening of existing allergies.

If you are not well-informed, you may end up shrinking the fabric or causing the colour to run! Not drying them well can result in mold or mildew, again harmful to health! 

The best way to retain the appearance of your soft furnishings, and extend their life, is to have them regularly deep cleaned by a professional cleaning company with the equipment and skills to do job properly and without causing damage.

The staff at Champion cleaners comes fully equipped with PPE suits, masks and use portable aqua jet injection machines that wash and rinse the furnishings leaving them thoroughly clean, fresh, germ-free while allowing for quick drying without any mess! They check each fabric with patch tests and make sure they leave it clean without any other damage.


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