Terrakua massage- much more than a massage

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Viki Shah tries the TERRAKUA massage at the Blush N Curls Salon and realises that it is much more than a body relaxing practice! Terr is Earth and Akua is water – Water is the source of life itself and earth nurtures life, hence the Terrakua massage is a holistic spa ritual combining a complete technique blending Ayurveda and ancient rituals to deliver a deeply relaxing experience.

The Terrakua massage is all about powerful restorative scents and a warm massage – a harmonious blend of the two to indulge all senses and take you to a sublime state of relaxation. The masterful strokes using the earthenware/ceramic tools with hot water, placed in a heated tray over a soothing body butter of your choice (I chose orange blossom) is a heavenly experience altogether. 

You are asked to select a scent that appeals to you from among a few, and the body butter corresponding to that scent is used for the massage.  The butter is a sensory massage butter extracted from the Shorea nuts from a tree called Dub, also known as Sal tree which is considered holy in Buddhism. The Buddhist faith considers it sacred, as the Buddha was born, received enlightenment, and died just below this tree. These seeds have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, to treat many ailments. It is used in incense during meditation, as it promotes concentration and calmness. The butter extracted from this tree is totally plant-based and remarkable for body and face care due to its nourishing properties. It melts fast when in contact with the skin and is perfect for a relaxing massage, leaving the skin smooth and silky soft. 

Lihn, the therapist begins with a slow massage using the orange blossom essential oil setting the mood for the sensorial experience. This is followed by the application of the rich body butter rubbed in with vigorous strokes of the various warm ceramic tools for different parts of the body. The body butter is enriched with avocado that helps in collagen synthesis, is rich in Vitamins A and E, fights free radicals and gives the skin elasticity and moisture, beeswax for its moisturizing and emollient properties and shea butter that deeply moisturizes and nourishes, restores and soothes.

The brisk strokes of the holders and the exchange of warm and cool creates a deep sense of relaxation in the body along with a divine sensorial experience. This synergistic action contributes to the release of all knots, tensions, promoting the stimulation of energy points and the activation of micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin. She ends it with a brisk massage using her hands and I slip into a total state of bliss.

Involving all the senses, terrakua creates an infinite pleasure for the mind, body and soul, reviving the skin and leaving it supple, soft and smooth.


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