4 Meditation practices to help you connect with your truth

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Meditation is known to be calming practice that can help to ease the mind and increase awareness of the body and mind. Meditation is a powerful tool that can support emotional stability, mental clarity and help a person to look within to gain self-awareness and connect with their truth. Eclipse Wellbeing Hub are working to demystify and provide wisdom on the meaning and authenticity of various meditative practices.

Kundalini Meditation

Also known as ‘Dhyana Praveshika,’ Kundalini Meditation aims to raise this energy through the body’s seven centres of spiritual power (chakras) and ultimately awaken it while evoking profound consciousness and amplified sensory perception. The practice usually involves deep breathing and mantra chanting and is performed under the guidance of experts such as those available at Eclipse. Benefits of Kundalini Meditation include boosted senses of compassion, mindfulness and intent in daily life.

Vipassana Meditation

Translated as ‘Insight,’ Vipassana is an observation-based meditation technique that centers on the link between mind and body through constant attention to physical sensations. The practice aims to unravel the true nature of reality through disciplined awareness of life’s experiences. It entails deep breathing and diligent awareness and is taught in its authentic form at Eclipse. Benefits from Vipassana mediation comprise improved concentration, clarity of thought and unconditional joy.

Soham Dhyana Meditation

Generally practiced in the early morning hours, Soham is the combination of the Sanskrit terms ‘So’ and ‘Aham’ which mimics the sound of breathing and translates into ‘I am that supreme self.’ The approach aims to construct a vivid image of one’s inner identity utilizing concentrated and slow breathing. Stemming from the Tantra system of Yoga, the procedure is extremely comforting as Eclipse offers comprehensive assistance towards unleashing its fulfilling enjoyment. Its benefits include and are not limited to enhanced emotional control, blood circulation and memory retention.

Raja Yoga Meditation

Inspired by the Patanjali system of Yoga and translating into ‘King’, Raja Yoga meditation is a technique that aims to achieve complete mastery over the mind through self-introspection and undisturbed silence. The practice enables the discovery of higher consciousness while promoting a serene composure and contentment. Eclipse provides a range of applications for this meditation which develops mental resilience, confidence and a positive attitude.

Eclipse is a newly opened wellbeing hub in Dubai Marina. Through incorporating easy-to-follow, expert-led classes that cover a wide variety of unique meditation and mindfulness practices, Eclipse combines scientific prowess and ancient wisdom. These one-of-a-kind sessions are specially curated to aid mental awareness and connect with the present moment while finding inner peace and purpose.

For bookings: www.goeclipse.com or the ScheduleHouse app.

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