5 daily practices and rituals to feel at home within during this time

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We all have a routine to go through the day and most of us spend the day going from one task to another or just doing nothing! But it is our rituals—those actions performed at key moments every day, that help us go through the day smoothly, says Rachael Lynn.

There’s a reason that rituals, or repetitive habits and actions have been used throughout centuries and all walks of life.

A seemingly simple act carried out with an intention creates something we can depend on, look towards to ground us, and reminds us to appreciate being alive. Rituals are something we don’t have to wonder and think about – they just are.  

In a time on the planet where it may feel like there is so much unknown and our daily life has completely shifted, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, and take on the fear and energy of the world around us.

Now is the time to re-visit our habits and rituals and make them simpler than ever – things that will only take seconds, or a few short minutes to re-center so that we may live as fully as possible and embrace what comes. 

The intention behind your personal rituals is something you will have to decide on for yourself. But, at the basis of ritual is a desire to connect with ourselves and the peace we know is inside.

Here are 5 quick practices to evoke a feeling of home within that make being homebound more joyful:

Open and close your day

You may be familiar with the concept of having a ‘morning ritual’ but consider making something even simpler to start and end your day. A little secret between you and you. It could be saying a quiet, “Thank you for a new day” before your feet hit the ground out of bed, and a “Thank you for another day” as you enter at night. Or perhaps you light a candle every morning and look outside at the sky before you retire for the night. Choose something to do, both in the morning and in the evening that sets a compartment around your day. This will help with internalizing that we start every day anew.

A journaling reflection

At some point during your day, take the time pause, consider, and write down how you’re feeling in that moment. You can take as much or as little time with this as you have – it’s about getting into the ritual of giving yourself even just 60 seconds to acknowledge what’s going on inside of you. Taking it out from running around in your head and heart and offering it to paper to be released.

Play a song that reminds you of the essence of who you are

Right now, there’s a song that comes to mind when you envision the core of you – your freedom, your excitement, your joy and hope for life. Find that song and give yourself 2-5 minutes every day to listen to it. Let it play in the background as you work, cook, or rest. Allow the melody to be an anchor.

Send a message of appreciation to a loved one once per day

We’ve all heard that making gratitude lists can lift our spirits – but what about appreciating others? At a time when we might not be sure how we can support the people we care about (and many of us living far away) make a ritual out of appreciating the ones you love. Send a text that says: “I’m so grateful you’re in my life – and I love your giving nature” – editing to include whatever it is you appreciate about them. Offering love to others helps us feel connected to ourselves, too.

5 Minute Daydream

With everyone seeming to share on social media how they are seizing the opportunities to learn skills, maintain their workouts, or work on new projects – what if you’re just not up for it? Call forward your imagination. Set aside 5 minutes every day to daydream about your life – places you want to visit, the people you want to meet, the foods you want to explore. And then visit them, online. Find beautiful pictures that speak to what you’re dreaming. When we deny ourselves the opportunity to dream, we disconnect from the home inside ourselves. There’s no guilt here, it’s only 5 minutes!

Creating a feeling at home within right now doesn’t have to require hours of meditation, deep reflection, and hard work. It is about giving ourselves the opportunity to take small moments of joy in a time when it’s easy to focus elsewhere.

If you do each of these things every day, spread out throughout the day or even all together, you will build the momentum of knowing that you can count on yourself in a time when we’re not sure what to count on. 

When you are happy, the world around you is happier too.

Rachael Lynn is a Dubai based American-born author and community organizer who writes on personal relationship with self, family and love. She believes that sharing your truth is the quickest way to freedom and works to facilitate that in herself and others who are ready. Her book “At Home Anywhere” was written from personal experience, when Rachael moved from Toronto to Dubai and found it difficult to adjust, despite her years of experience in the world of self-help.

Visit www.rachael-lynn.com to know more.

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