5 reasons your gym clothes matter

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Although athletic apparel can be stylish, it originally served as functional attire. Leggings, shorts, tops, and jackets are now more useful than ever thanks to numerous advancements in athletic clothing. Activewear has several elements that make it perfect for your workout, despite the fact that consumers love to wear it as streetwear, says Raj Pagarani – founder of Iron Tribe Athleisure.

Better performance

A good workout wardrobe does more than just make you look great. It’s no secret that better workout gear leads to better performance. Choosing the right workout clothes can help you up your game on many levels, whether you’re running, cross-training, pumping iron at the gym or just casually jogging around the block. But, this simple truth is often forgotten, as many athletes still tend to throw on an old, oversized T-shirt and a pair of saggy workout shorts before breaking a sweat.

Confidence boost

When designing Iron Tribe I believed that there was a dearth of clothes that looked great while providing the right support and mobility. The fabric choices and cuts flatter any body shape and size and give people the freedom to actually move from one venue to the next. This allows them to feel more confident and assured that they will have a great workout ahead!

Prevents overheating

Sopping wet shirts drenched in sweat used to be worn as a badge of honor – the sweatiest guy in the gym was unofficially crowned “the hardest worker” . Well, a lot has changed – sweat-wicking clothes aren’t just marketing ploys. High quality, intelligent fabrics allow sweat to easily evaporate from the skin, which in turn prevents you from getting overheated and keeps you dry. Keeping your body cool makes it easier for it to work hard, withstand intense training and keep you looking and performing at your best!

Freedom of movement

In an attempt to get the best deal, most people often buy the wrong workout clothes just because it’s cheaper. Those shorts you got for 70% off? They probably don’t fit well.

Yet, freedom of movement is extremely important when choosing the best workout clothes. Tight pieces can restrict your movement, while the ones that are too loose can get in the way. Our lightweight and well-designed workout clothes feel like a second skin, allowing you to solely concentrate on the task at hand and give it all you’ve got!

Why? Not only are they better at moisture management, but they’re also more comfortable, offer better mobility and last longer. And that’s what Iron Tribe is all about!


To counter act the high impact workouts it’s essential that your workout gear has some element of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and synthetic blends. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on style: with Iron Tribe’s athleisure wear – you get the perfect blend of functional workout clothes and style to maximise your workout and look amazing.

Raj Pagarani – founder of Iron Tribe Athleisure – An entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and fashion led him to launch Iron Tribe. Iron Tribe, promises power-packed versatility with its fresh vibes and minimalist style. It was imagined for the “social” athlete: the millennial urbanite who wants to save time and create a look that can take them from yoga to after hours.


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