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Even if you are one of those who has a great beauty routine and regularly exfoliate and moisturize your body, your skin does need some extra TLC from time to time. We check into the Sensasia Stories at The Kempinski Mall of the Emirates for a pampering session and tell you all about it.

Our skin is ravaged constantly by external and internal factors, and it can become scaly and dry without our realizing it! A professional treatment to exfoliate and moisturize is a great idea for a soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin.

We try the Cleanse and Reboot treatment which includes a body scrub and a body wrap.

Devi, the lovely spa therapist welcomed me and agave me a tour of the beautiful spa and its facilities that included a lovely jacuzzi and a relaxation area. After getting into the spa robe, I was given a relaxing pre-treatment ritual of a foot bath and a scrub.

This was followed by the treatment that began with the body scrub made from Saba Honey, Ginger, and Coffee. The scrub smelt heavenly ad Devi worked systematically, beginning with a back scrub, followed by the arms legs, belly and the front of the legs. She used a firm pressure, which is what I preferred but as she explained, it can be varied to suit your preference.  This coffee enriched scrub is great for improving blood circulation and also helps with stretch marks and cellulite. The honey is great for moisturizing. Once I was scrubbed from top-to-toe, I was asked to take a shower without using a soap/gel, to just wash the scrub off.

Then began the extremely relaxing warm shea butter oil application. Rich, creamy and moisturizing, shea butter is a multipurpose skincare staple and a star in any treatment room. It is believed that Cleopatra used to smooth shea butter on her body and today people around the world are still using this multipurpose ingredient for many uses. Shea butter is known to trap moisture and promote elasticity making it a great addition to every spa menu.

Devi applied the oil with smooth strokes and once done, I was wrapped in plastic sheets to let the oil soak in and do its magic. While I did that, she treated me to a 15- minute head massage using the same oil. Shea butter oil has a high fatty acid content which makes it easy for it to penetrate hair in oil form, helping with hair breakage. I slipped into oblivion while she deftly massaged my head in warm relaxing strokes.

Once done, she removed the wrap and asked me to leave the oil for a while and not shower immediately to let it soak into my body and hair.  


The treatment felt incredible on my skin. I loved the feeling of the rough scrub followed by the warm shea butter oil TLC and the best part was the head massage! All the tension that I was still holding onto just melted away. I left felt incredibly pampered. My skin felt smooth and soft to touch and this effect stayed on for a couple of days after the treatment.

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has rough, dry skin or even someone who is not great on self-care and needs some pampering for the body and hair. Are you the one?

Do you like the sound of this treatment? Book yours today at: Sensasia Stories, Kempinski – Mall of the Emirates

Reviewed by: Viki Shah

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