A healthy soup in a microwaveable bottle

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Re:Nourish is a perfect grab-and-go soup packaged in the world’s first recyclable bottle which is completely and MICROWAVEABLE!!!! Bursting with soup-er tasty nutritional goodness, Re:Nourish soups aim to revolutionise consumers’ lunch break while keeping them healthy and nourished even on the busiest of days We tell you all you need to know about these healthy, vegan, delicious soups.

The Re:Nourish story:

The founder Nicci Clark is an ex critical care nurse, nutritionist and reflexologist. Health is at the very core of her DNA. Nicci started a fresh food delivery call Nourished in 2010 which included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered to your door. Everyone loved her fresh soups. This included the whole cast of Downton Abbey! Keen to learn more about the sector she felt was antiquated in the UK, Nicci visited the USA to learn more about the soup landscape there. This is where she discovered ‘souping’, the increasingly popular food trend amongst health-conscious Americans. Often referred to as ‘the new juicing’, ‘souping’ offers an alternative way of getting nutrients in, without the high sugar content of juices.

Re:Nourish soups all have a health function. From her bestselling “Immunity” – Kale Spinach and Turmeric which is packed full of vitamins to “Digest” – Roasted Carrot & Ginger which is good for the gut. All her soups are also packed with natural vitamins, fibre and protein as well as easy for the body to digest. Nicci wants people to make a connection between eating well and feeling well. Less processed high sugary foods which often cause health issues later on. Soup is a healthy, nutrient dense lunch that is packed with vitamins, fibre and low in fat and she wanted to make it super easy for people to enjoy on the go hence devising the world’s first heatable, fully recyclable bottle for soup. Re:Nourish launched in 2019

Why the name?

Nicci’s fresh food delivery company was call Nourished. RE:NOURISH was named as it was a rebirth of that original company and the soups certainly renourish the body & soul.

Why soups? As it is said, are they the Millennial’s meal Du Jour?

Soups are one of the healthiest meals/snacks. It is also incredibly easy for the body to absorb the nutrients and takes only 30 minutes for soup to be digested in the stomach.

Are soups set to become the new Juices?

Souping certainly is the new souping! Re:nourish can be enjoyed hot or cold. Has natural vitamins and none of the sugar juices have making it a very easy and quick fix to get your essential vitamins and minerals. It is also Low in fat and calories.

What is the USP of your soups?

Re:Nourish is the world’s first fresh soup in a microwaveable and recyclable bottle. The bottle also stays warm for 30 Minutes. All our soups are Vegan, dairy Free, Gluten Free, Allergen free. Low fat, No nasties and no added sugar..plus delicious.!

Each flavour is packed with health benefits:

  • Digest: deliciously zingy soup packed with fresh roasted carrots and ginger to work wonders for digestive health
  • Immunity: full of nutritious food including kale, spinach and turmeric making this a power source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Fuel: get souper charged! Filled with toasted aromatic Indian spices, blended yellow peppers, fresh carrots and split peas finished with coriander and mung daal.

Are they good for kids too?

Yes any age group can enjoy them and we have a huge young following. This is due to all the natural vitamins and fibre in our soups as well as being and easy meal for the children. Mummies add pasta, rice, chicken or extra vegetables to our soups for a quick easy meal that’s bursting with health. They also do not have a high amount of salt which is important for kids meals

What are the different soups available? 

Immunity – Kale spinach turmeric

Digest – Roasted Carrot & Ginger

Fuel – Yellow split pea turmeric Daal are all available at Choithrams

What is the price range in UAE?

28.50 Dirhams.

Re:Nourish is stocked in Choithrams in Dubai with the tag @renourish_soup 

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