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“I am here to make your world infinite,” says Kartik Naidu. He is the creator of the Mind Engineering program and the 4% technique course and author of the upcoming book “The 4%”. We meet him to find out more…  

Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a transpersonal therapist. What drew you to this?

I was Initiated by a spiritual master at the age of 13. Since then I have been religiously practicing mediation and have trained under my guru in advanced level techniques and methods which help in transforming people’s lives; very powerful method being past life regression which in Sanskrit is called prati prasav sadhana.

It was always my calling to serve people and help them heal, But I used to ignore it because it is not easy to jump into people’s problems and turn them around. You need a certain kind of passion, emotional space and skillset to do so , which I trained upon for several years, there is no better learning than self-practice.

What is it that you exactly do?

What I do is, I help people get in touch with their inner self and realign all aspects of their life. So whether its mental or physical health, relationships, career or finances, I help people them remove their energy blocks and transform their mindset, emotions and behaviour into becoming whatever personality they need to become in order to achieve their goals. This is very effective in helping teenagers and professionals to develop a dynamic personality, create focus, optimise their physical and mental performance, via Therapeutic Coaching and mentoring. 

You mention Homeostasis in one of your talks. Can you please expand on that?

Homeostasis is our innate quality of being same all the time. This is a learning mechanism of our subconscious mind, it takes information of the action and stores as data to reproduce the same result. It is applicable in all our tasks that we do efficiently today, walking, talking, understanding something, beating of the heart it all happens in a state of constant. It becomes a problem when this takes over our emotion and mental behaviour.

You see our thoughts trigger our emotions and our emotions trigger our actions. We generate about 55 thoughts a minute but 95 percent of all the thoughts are from day before, so we never really think anything new, so if you think the same stuff, you will generate the same emotion and produce the same action. This is all because of homeostasis, emotionally it can also called your comfort zone or your minds path of least resistance.

What is the relation between the mind and the body?

Same as that of a Wife and Husband, Mind is the boss like the wife, mind commands and the body follows.

What is the Transpersonal Psychology approach? How is it different from practiced psychology?

Transpersonal means of the consciousness or spirit. Everything is the worlds is spiritual and everything has a certain state of consciousness. The closer you are to your inner self the easier and quicker you can bring in changes into your physical/material experiences.

You see we are a product of the accumulation of our impressions of the past, which are called karma or sanskaras or psychic impression. Ancient Yogis realised that if you could take a person back into their memories and help them release the accumulated impressions you could transform their current situations. It requires realigning, cleansing and balancing of energies that govern your mind and behaviour.

Psychology means that of the mind and behaviour, it’s a more surface level approach, In transpersonal therapy we take a deeper and transformative approach.

How does it work? What does it treat?

Think of it this way, all that you are is an accumulation of energies, which you have created knowingly or unknowingly. Some of these energies work for you some cause hindrance. So I remove energies that create hindrance and create new ones so the persons mindset, emotions and behaviour is transformed.

It treats all aspects of life, mental disorders, like anxiety, ocd, depression, bi-polar, emotional issues, mild to severe health related issues, relationships problems, career and financial issues.

Who would benefit from it?

Answer: Anyone who has mind and is willing to change his/her life. 

What is a session like?

The program I run has about 8 transformative sessions from 1.30 to 2.30 hours. I take people into a deep meditative state where I do cleansing work.

What do you think the future holds for transpersonal psychology?

We have so many different modalities these days, it becomes very difficult for people to choose and get the right kind of help. These days people always want quick results so they go for medications which don’t work, they help you manage but do not eliminate the problem from root. Also Transpersonal Therapy has the answers to a lot of the questions that the modern medicine cannot answer and it’s a very powerful and effective way of bringing the change, it should be practiced more.

Your tips for a happy life…

Quote” Happy life starts in the mind, a pleasant set of emotions leads to a happy life” 

The two most important things which lead to a happy life are, one start of your day and two The end of your day. 

Start your day with a smile.

Start your day with a positive affirmation – I am happy peaceful loving and grateful. 
20 mins pranayam and 20 mins meditation.  

End your day with a forgiveness & well-being prayer and Positive Journaling. – Write down the positive things your experienced during the day.

Kartik Naidu is a Clinical hypnotherapist specializing in Cognitive Therapy, Regression therapy, Past Life, Spiritual Regression and Transpersonal Therapy.


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