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The flickering light of a candle is oddly soothing and evokes warm feelings, a sense of nostalgia, healing us from the travails of the outside world. There is something reassuring about candlelight on long, winter nights, whether it is an inner desire to prolong the light of the day, to capture it and hold it in, or whether it is simply the fact that the warmth of light produced by the flicker of a flame is matchless. And when candlelight and music come together the experience is matchless!

Dubai is illuminated by the musical glow of the renowned Candlelight Concerts!

The well-known concert experience has mesmerized audiences with its unique interpretation of classical music in more than 100 places. The Candlelight series is renowned for recreating pop hits and dance music as soulful classical versions, in addition to holding classical music concerts in unconventional spaces including cinemas, historical sites, and local restaurants that help you discover hidden jewels in your city. The candlelit atmosphere of the Candlelight Concerts is unsurpassed. You can expect an exotic atmosphere that will fascinate both your eyes and ears. Some of the most outstanding solo pianists, violinists, string quartets, and jazz bands perform setlists that vary from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the Beatles’ Hey Jude and the classics of Hans Zimmer under the dim illumination of hundreds of LED candle lights. An ethereal experience indeed!

From Angels and Demons and The Dark Knight to the Pirates of the Caribbean, we were treated to back-to-back scores from some of the best Hollywood films, played live by the enthralling Majaz string quartet at the beautiful Aloft Dubai Creek. It was a live multi-sensory musical experience of the magic of Academy Awards winning artist Hans Zimmer in a spectacular setting under the dim glow of hundreds of LED candles. The quartet played with a grace and spirit that perfectly reflected the nature of the music.

The environment made it possible for the amazing event to be about more than simply music; it was by its very nature contemplative, and possibly even poignant. The performance makes us realise the importance of music, movies, and reminiscence as we remember songs forgotten in this fast-paced life., What a lovely way to be reminded of these great songs by the Majaz Quartet by candlelight!

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