A Rainforest Getaway

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After an indeterminate Quarantine period and once things start returning to near normalcy, a wellness retreat is a must! It will be good to eat better, get fit, and clear the mental clutter. We bring you snapshots of Wellness Resorts over the world and their wellness programs. Plantation Villa, nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka’s rainforest is just what you will need post Coronavirus! Ananda Shakespeare inspires you with her experience.

Plantation Villa is only an hour from capital city Colombo, but a world away for mind and body.

This well-established luxurious spa resort and wellness centre offers holistic Ayurvedic and traditional indigenous Sri Lankan medicine.

My visit made me feel fully rejuvenated, and I lost 3.5kgs in a week, thanks to a bespoke programme of yoga, meditation, exercise, walks and organic vegan food.

There’s a magic in the air, with the soundtrack of each day characterised by unusual birdsong and the musings of monkeys, iguana, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs and the evenings blessed with a star scape that blows the mind.

I was left to organise my own day, which is wonderful, in that you can choose to pack in as much or as little as you wish. I recommend a nature walk, and there’s a working rubber plantation where you can watch rubber tapping.

There’s an outdoor pool, a very natural space to relax besides, but equally good for an invigorating morning swim. A library where you can check out books during your stay. 

On the weight loss package, I opted for you have a group personal training session three times a week and regular appointments with the onsite ayurvedic doctor. 

International yoga teachers live on site, and stay for extended periods, allowing Plantation Villa to cater for practice at all levels, and for stronger teacher/student bonds to be formed.

Undertaking a retreat here is designed to allow us to reconnect our minds and bodies, something that’s missing in modern living; and my trip to this natural haven left me re-energised and ready to take on anything.


Visit https://www.srimalplantation.com/ to know more.

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