All you need to know about Crystal Infused Water bottles before you get one!

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Looks like the Crystal infused water is here to stay as per my research on the net! “Crystal elixir” – glass bottles are big on Instagram; Miranda Kerr uses hers ‘all the time’ and they are available on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop too! As Juliette Thornbury, author of The Crystal Fix says, “they are a convenient method for keeping a crystal with you wherever you go”. So, what is the big deal? We talk to Rashmi Kalwani Pandya, Founder of SeReNe bottles to know more…

Crystal therapy is very much in vogue, but how does it work?

Humans are 70-80% water and therefore, the quality of our water consumption must be of a high vibration to positively impact our physical body. Dr. Emoto Masaru conducted many experiments on water and found that water was a “blueprint for our reality” and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change its physical structure to either positively or negatively impact our bodies.

Everything in this Universe is energy and energy is everything. And so, when water gets exposed to these crystals, it adheres to the energy of the crystal to provide the inherent qualities of these beautiful crystals. As the water absorbs these vibrations from the crystals, it changes its molecular structure to provide various healing benefits. One can chose from a variety of gemstones that best fit their needs and enjoy the benefits of energized water for the mind, body & soul!

How do we recharge the crystals?

There are a few ways with which one can recharge the crystals:

•            Cleanse the crystals in salt water

•            Charge the crystals with a sun bath for 2-3 hours

•            Keep out under the full moon

•            When inserting the crystals back into its holder, think of a positive intention or affirmation. For example – Today I will approach each situation calmly with love. Or I am healing my body with every sip of this water.

Are they safe for infused water? Especially lemon as it is acidic in nature?

With the SeReNe water bottles, we have enclosed the crystal in a glass lid so that it keeps the crystals intact and safe while one drinks from the bottle. The enclosed crystal still energizes the water as it emits its energy.

Benefits of different crystals?

Which crystal are safe to use with water?

Any crystal that is a 5 or below on the Mohs harness scale should not be put in water. All our crystals that we offer with the SeReNe water bottles above 5 on the scale. The Mohs Hardness scale is a scale from 1-10 that tests the hardness of certain minerals by testing the resistance of those minerals. This is done by using two minerals together and seeing which mineral either scratches the other causing damage, and which one sustains damage. The harder the mineral, the higher on the Mohs Hardness scale it is. We have hand selected to offer only those crystals that can remain safe, intact and positively charged with our bottles.

Our take on SeReNe bottles:

A beautiful crystal-infused water bottle on your desk while you work, or one next to you while you do your sun salutations, is definitely a spirit booster!  What we love though, is the philosophical energy shift—how else to explain why I started drinking more water?

Crystals vibrate and hold frequency, this is not magic, but physics. Based on its vibration and frequency, each stone holds certain healing and health properties. When the crystal is in water it is still vibrating, and this energizes the water around it. The tradition of using gemstones to increase the health benefits of water stems back to ancient civilisations.

Each crystal has a unique effect on the water structure. This allows you to harness positive vibrations and energies that are right for you when you use a Crystal Water Bottle. The gemstones change the quality and structure of water to restore the crystal structure to the quality of real spring water and creates a higher oxygenation content. When you drink this water, you are drinking the crystal frequency right into your system, supplying it this vibrational energy. Great! Isn’t it?

It is believed that crystals have healing or protective qualities and can change your energy according to the crystal you use. So, pick one based on the kind of energy you want to attract. The aesthetics of the bottle is also a part of its power. A beautiful object definitely plays a role in the healing process; when we see a beautiful thing, it brings us joy and positivity; the main reason why we feel happy while in nature. So, on a subconscious level, this beautiful bottle makes us happy, promotes peace and of course – gets us drinking that water!

Beyond the wellness benefits for yourself, the water bottles have environmental benefits. Crystal Water Bottles are sustainable. By using a reusable infuser water bottle, the impact on the environment decreases.

It is said that in crystal healing, there’s an equally powerful force at play, and that’s your own mind and intention. If you believe the crystal can help you and drink the water with an intention every day, you become more receptive to its power and you will see your intentions manifesting themselves.

And lastly at the cost of sounding a bit woo woo, if having a beautiful water bottle is what it takes to make us drink more water (and save on plastic), who cares? That’s the way to go!


Rashmi was born and brought up in the UAE and has a master’s in finance from New York University. She is a firm believer in the wellness philosophy and brings intense passion towards the concept of SeReNe Water Bottles. She is wholly invested in bringing forth her vision to spread and expand the ‘holistic way of life’ through the SeReNe Water Bottles to the community of the UAE.

By: Viki Shah

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