All you need to know about Manual Lymphatic Drainage) MLD

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A new year beckons new beginnings, new year resolutions and above all, renewed hope for a better tomorrow. Research shows that a growing number of individuals get more serious about their mental and physical well-being at the start of each year. Sure, “well-being” might be the modern buzz word, but it is a very personal journey implying a dedication and commitment to self, says Delna Mistry Anand.

We are fortunate to have ample ‘help’ available wherever needed, in terms of wellness centres, wellbeing coaches, counsellors, medical fitness support and more. One such magnificient space in Dubai is Maison Santé Clinic and Lounge! Blending Eastern and Western medical knowledge, the concept of Maison Santé is to offer a holistic balance to regeneration, balance and growth of the body and mind.  The wellness hub connects you to an ecosystem of experts in a variety of modalities such as preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, physiotherapy as well as psychology.

The services offered include Preventive Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Diagnostics (laboratory investigations). The team prides itself in bringing to Dubai the finest practitioners and services, one of them being Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a medical procedure that is applied gently on the skin to increase the contraction of the smooth muscles around the superficial lymphatic vessels, thereby increasing the lymph flow. Simply, it is a gentle hand movement using a pumping action on the skin without oils. This technique is a type of skin massage, which improves lymph flow and reabsorption without increasing capillary filtration.

It is used in combination with Pressotherapy – a modern, painless procedure that involves wearing a compression suit and is intended to increase circulation, improving lymphatic system function. Your immune system may weaken and your skin may lose its luster when the lymph fluid flow becomes increasingly more clogged as pollutants and proteins are trapped. With this non-invasive, painless detoxification, your body’s natural processes are stimulated, reactivating circulation to burn extra fat, get rid of cellulite and get your lymphatic blockages cleared. This is done in combination with a manual procedure using hands.

MLD enables lymph and tissue fluid to move forward and also increases the frequency and amplitude of the contraction and relaxation movement of lymph collectors.

The benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD can be enormous. It can be used to heal people recover faster from surgery, pregnant ladies who want to reduce excess fluids, patients with autoimmune diseases who want to make their systems work better; Cancer patients who want to eliminate fluids from the area; and individuals who just want to eliminate toxins.

Highly experienced physiotherapist Sandra Serrano Perez explains that when the move of the lymph fluid doesn’t work effectively, due to a blockage or removal of lymph vessels, illnesses or infections, it can result in a range of problems. Our body’s lymphatic system is a network of vessels, ducts and nodes. Its primary function is to transport a colourless fluid called ‘lymph’ that drains from cells and tissues back into your bloodstream. It works together to eliminate toxins and wastes and protect the body from pathogens. Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge, Sandra’s philosophy is all about healing the body simply by reconnecting to it, finding the root-cause of chronic pain and ailments, and using personalized therapeutic methods to alleviate symptoms.

This information about our body functions, Sandra explains, is essential in order to identify when something we feel our digestion, breathing, or circulation functions are not right. In addition, being aware of how the information itself affects us day by day is another point to consider. The more awareness of the external and internal information that we perceive, the better decisions and actions to prevent that the situation could worsen. When we talk about chronic musculoskeletal or visceral pain, in the absence of anything that justifies it, the understanding of the information that might come up from external factors, such as people, objects, work, and traffic, which could activate our alarm system, making our brain believes that there is danger activating the sign of pain to different areas of our body, in absence to any structural injury.

To sum it up, receiving the optimal information that our body gives us in order to identify the origin of pain and the individual factors that can trigger it, is the best remedy to avoid overmedication, the decline of quality of life, or even the onset of any serious chronic pathology.

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