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Whether you are a parent looking to shake things up a little with some new healthy, tasty and convenient choices for your little ones, or you are looking for some exciting new additions to the new school term snack boxes, look no further as Slurrp Farm is here to offer you an extensive range of natural meals and snacks, reminiscent of those prepared in your grandma’s kitchen. With a ‘zero junk’ policy, the Slurrp Farm product range includes protein-rich breakfast options, snacks and lunch box friendly ideas suitable for the whole family! What’s more, all items are certified by paediatric nutritionists so you can rest assured you are feeding your family the very best.

Founded by two mums, Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik, Slurrp Farm was born in October 2016. The duo felt they were incredibly short of options that were both healthy and tasty to feed their own children. Upon realising that parents of other young children felt exactly the same way, they decided to launch a trusted brand that would pave the way to make things better and become a force for good. Following their hearts (and their tastebuds!), they dug into firm family favourite recipes from their grandmothers’ kitchens and took superfood ingredients from their own childhoods such as Millet and reinvented them, making them as tasty as can be. In just over three years, the brand has gone from strength to strength, evolving into a globally loved children’s food brand available in India, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

Packed full of superfoods, Slurrp Farm is 100% wheat free and includes a variety of ingredients such as Foxtail Millet, Ragi, Jowar, Lentils, Oats and Amaranth combined with good fats including real butter, fruits and vegetables. All-natural sweeteners are present in the form of jaggery and honey. Perfect for ensuring your little ones have all the goodness they need to keep them fuelled for the day, many Slurrp Farm products are suitable for lactose intolerant children and they are proud to be free from preservatives, artificial flavours and trans fats.

A Selection of Slurrp Farm’s Family Favourites:

Millet Pancake (Available in Banana Choco-Chip and Chocolate flavours): AED 14.50

Suitable for children aged 1 year +, this Millet pancake mix is filled with the goodness of super-grains including Foxtail Millet, Amaranth, Oats and Jowar, all expertly mixed with chocolate chips and natural banana powder. Offering a powerhouse of protein, calcium and fibre, you can rest assured your little ones are fully fuelled for the day ahead.  

Millet Dosa Mix (Beetroot flavour): AED 8.00

This savoury snack is a scrumptious winner for the whole family! Great for growing bones, it is packed with all of the good stuff – Foxtail Millet, Urad Daal, Red Rice, Oats and Suji with natural Beetroot Powder and a mix of mild spices. These perfectly pink dosas have no artificial colours or flavours and can also be eaten as part of a lactose-free diet.

Cereal (Ragi, Almond and Banana Porridge Mix): AED 26.00

Suitable from ten months onwards, this porridge mix is an excellent early food for your little one. Made from Sprouted Ragi, a Millett Flour which has three times the calcium of a glass of milk, it’s the perfect breakfast for little growing bones. Fortified with thirteen essential minerals and vitamins, this is one cereal to add to your cart today! Natural, healthy and wholesome it ticks all the boxes needed for development and natural growth.

Mighty Munch (Available in Cheese and Herbs and Tangy Tomato): AED 3.75

With no preservatives and zero trans fats, these super star shaped snacks brighten up the most mundane packed lunch box! Zingy, zesty and made with real tomato and cheese, they offer guilt-free happiness in a bag. Combined with foxtail millet and jowar, Mighty Munch puffs are baked not fried and just like all other Slurrp Farm products, are 100% natural.

Speaking about the brands launch in the Middle East, Cofounder Shauravi Malik says, “Having lived in Dubai for 7 years, it’s so exciting to bring the food we make to shelves, schools and play areas here. As a mum, striking the balance between healthy and tasty is an everyday endeavour. We make what we would feed our own children, and we it yummy!”.

If you are a time poor mum looking for healthy options that are convenient to prepare in a short time, or you are keen to start enforcing great healthy eating habits from a young age, join the Slurrp Farm revolution and say no to junk today! #UnJunkUAE.

Slurrp Farm products are available in the UAE on Kibsons, Mumzworld, Amazon and Noon. For more information, please visit and

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