Are you wearing the right mask?

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Masking has become a way of life and is here to stay! But when you buy a mask, are you sure that it is protecting you from all kinds of airborne particles? While most masks can protect you from larger droplets that result from coughing and sneezing, they might not protect you from all airborne particles like bacteria and viruses. The Copper wear antibacterial copper infused, reusable fabric mask at Choithrams does all that and more. And it is affordable! Read on to know more.

The most popular disposable mask that we see everyone wearing is an environmental hazard and is not a close fit to the face, so may not protect you from all airborne particles and after a few hours of use, your continuous exhalation renders it ineffective. Moulded masks with metal bands that help you hold them over the ridge of the nose are not too comfortable for continuous wear. Cloth masks are mostly encouraged but do you know that you need 3 layers to make them effective? The masks with valves probably allow for easy breathing but some of them push the viruses back into the air so are not recommended by the CDC. The cloth wraps and bandanas are essentially tubes that cover your nose and mouth and not highly effective if not folded into multiple layers!

This is where the Copper wear antibacterial copper infused, reusable, machine washable fabric mask at Choithrams comes in! The copper infused fabric creates a fibre matrix that makes it the safest mask to use! The material is soft, comfortable and feels good on the face. 

Copper fabric infused with copper ions is scientifically proven to be antimicrobial, which means anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. What more do you need?

Professor Bill Keevil, University of Southampton, lauded copper’s role in germ control in a recent article saying that, copper doesn’t just kill pathogens; it destroys them, right down to the nucleic acids, or reproductive blueprints, inside. “There’s no chance of mutation or evolution because all the genes are being destroyed”. In other words, using copper infused fabric is the best option. 

Copper fabrics are designed to be long-term viable and resilient, meaning the copper ions bonded to the fabrics will not wash away, and last the lifetime of the product.  Therefore, these masks are perfect for everyday life from supermarket trips through to commuting to work and more!

The Copper-infused face mask is designed for comfort and to be worn by anyone for multiple uses. To fit, simply place the over your nose and mouth, pull the string headbands over your ears and use the toggle to tighten for ultimate fit and comfort. The toggle allows for one size to fit all!

Go get yours today at Choithrams!


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