Automating the Art of Growing Veggies with Greenoponics systems

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In the health-conscious world of today, everyone loves the idea of fresh, homegrown veggies. Sadly, no one has the time or energy or space to spare for gardening in today’s busy lifestyle. But what if you could grow vegetables effortlessly, in a minimum of space, and without soil? Mr.Yusef Dawood, Sales Manager, growing cucumber at his villa using Hydroponics


The whole idea of low maintenance gardening intrigued Mr.A Kumar, Director, FP7 Dubai so that he decided to give it a shot. Today he grows a variety of vegetables like lady fingers (okra), brinjals, capsicums, tomatoes, and chillies, in a surprisingly lush, green vegetable garden in his apartment’s balcony using Greenoponics Hydroponic systems. Says Arun about his homegrown vegetables, “Every few days, we cook fresh vegetables grown in our balcony. What makes it perfect for me is it doesn’t take my time as the system is fully automated. All I need to do is top up the system with a water/nutrient mix, which just takes a couple of minutes.” Oswald, an avid lover of nature, has cultivated a full-fledged vegetable garden in the balcony of his apartment at Ghusais. He says, “I was surprised to know that I could grow not just herbs, but actual vegetables using hydroponics technique. I am quite proud of my crop of tomatoes, okra, beans and cauliflowers.

Vegetables grown at your own home just taste better”, Says Oswald. People like Kumar, Oswald, Yousuf are UAE’s new brand of part-time farmers who have been benefiting from Greenoponics hydroponics systems. Instead of soil, the plants are grown in a special portable structure in nutrient laced water. Not surprisingly, many schools have also started hydroponics projects and schools like Gems Wellington Academy, Al Khail, Gems Heritage Indian School, Dubai, Jumeirah English Speaking School, Arabian Ranches etc; are incorporating hydroponics farms and integrating the theme in their student curriculum.

It is easy to grow any vegetable using Hydroponics technique. Greenoponics Agricultural Services LLC is a pioneer in urban farming in UAE and providing the mini hydroponic systems which are suited for growing vegetables, greens and herbs even in small spaces like balcony. The company does not sell the product alone, it provides complete solution. So once a wouldbe farmer buys a hydroponics system, Greenoponics provides free support all the way. From installing the system in the house, to training on how to care for plants, providing equipment like ph and ec-meters, supply of nutrients, and even a 24 hour online support line.

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