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A SHERO could be any woman who was defined as a hero and the term was first coined in 1836 during the suffrage movement. Today we believe a SHERO can be everyday women who support diversity and have a strong character and sense of self. They encourage and inspire every woman to be better versions of themselves. Anyone at any age and from any culture or background can be a SHERO. The Shero Life is the first Womens’ Holistic Fitness Community in the UAE, with a purpose is to educate and empower women to live their best lives, through high quality coaching and education. We find out more from Jesse Akister, Co-Founder and Head Coach – The Shero Life.

Who am I?

I am Jesse Akister, Co-Founder and Head Coach of The Shero Life. We are a holistic fitness community who provide fitness training and education supporting health and wellbeing. The Shero Card is a holistic lifestyle discount card, helping to make living sustainably and ethically cheaper, and easier.

Why did I choose to do this?

There are 3 reasons why we created the Shero Card:

1.Being a Holistic Fitness and Wellness company, we wanted to give people the opportunity to get the full experience of living a holistic life. We want our members to experience brands that we believe in, whether its Premium Coffee and Tea, Medical and Therapeutic Services, Food & Nutrition, Lifestyle & Sustainable Products, Fitness Apparel, Fitness Gear, Footwear including Barefoot Shoes, and many more.

2.We wanted to promote the great brands that are Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Women Led / Operated, Locally Grown, Mindful, and fit into the ecosystem of a holistic life. With so many inspirational and thoughtful brands out there we wanted to put the spotlight on the ones that are genuinely doing good for society.

3.Living a Holistic Lifestyle can be expensive, after 2 years of uncertainty and struggle due to the pandemic the income of many has been uncertain. Having a Discount Card to support their mission to live a healthier life was definitely one of the most important reasons to create the Shero Card.

Our Partner brand requirements are stringent and do all that is needed to stay true to our ethos:

1. Women owned and led

2. Locally grown business

3. Sustainable & ecofriendly products and services

4. Giving back to community

5. Reputation for good

6. Supports a sustainable living eco system

7. Empowers integrative health & wellness

We do the research, so you can be sure that the brands you purchase from are making your life better.

We want the choice to live sustainably and ethically to be cheaper and easier for every woman and family.

What is the process and why should someone be a part of this?

The Shero Card is a virtual card, when you purchase it from you will receive an email with your virtual card and all the valid discounts both in person and online. With over 25 different brands across food and beverage, apparel and footwear, health care and lifestyle brands.

Shero Card holders also receive access to our community events (for example we did a nutrition challenge, teaching a foot exercise class, experiencing an ice bath and Wim Hof breathing workshop and having a movie night.)

Not to forget you also get discounts on all Shero training programs. I may be biased but having been a member of several women’s networks and communities in the UAE in the past there are none that are this supportive and fun no matter your background, or age.

Plus, I have already saved thousands of dirhams from using my own Shero card across the brands I regularly purchase from. If you love discounts or love trying new things and making friends, you will love this card.

What is the training about?

Fit(H)er is our in-person training program, which is designed as 4 or 8 week training camps.

It is a 3-4 day a week program of progressive strength training.

Think of it like small group personal training – each class is capped at 8 people, and the coaches work with you from intake to the end. Meaning they can customise the coaching to your needs and ability level.

We run them in 8-week blocks because change and building new habits takes a certain level of commitment, which doesn’t happen with random drop-in classes.

How are they holistic?

Our coaches are experienced personal trainers who are also deeply informed about the interconnection of emotion, stress, trauma on the way we move, and experience pain.

Our coaching approach is personal and considers each person’s history, goals and challenges.

We think of strength training as an access point into knowing and caring for your body in a deeper way.

The priority of learning is:

Interception – feeling what is present in your body throughout movements

Quality movement – learning technique and correct movement mechanics to perform movements safely

Adaption – Discovering how to adapt training to what your body needs today, this can be adaptations hormonal cycle, stress levels, pain etc.

Progression – we repeat movements throughout the training cycle to ensure time to adapt and progress with form, mobility, strength, and muscular endurance.

Community- Classes are capped at 8 people, this means that each participant gets personalised coaching similar to the experience of personal training, yet with the added benefit of a supportive community which is vital for mental wellbeing, and this encourages faster progress.

What do you need to know before beginning training?

Our classes are for you no matter if you are a complete beginner at strength training, or you have been training for years but are looking for a more intentional approach.

As women age, we lose bone density and muscle mass, the only way to counter this is through resistance training. Many of our clients in their late 30’s-50s discover that the way they trained their 20s and early 30s doesn’t work anymore.

If you are in your 20’s this is the perfect time to build a foundation of strength and knowledge to be fit, healthy and pain free as you age.

Fit(H)er is a perfect addition to help you be stronger and more capable in the other activities you love – like yoga, paddle tennis or hiking.

If you would like to meet the coaches and try a free class, complete this training enquiry form

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