Beautiful Eyes Speak A Thousand words

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Lavanya Vikram, Founder of Blush N Curls Ladies Salon and Spa tells us all we need to know taking care of the skin around the Eyes as 75% of women skip the eyecare routine while taking utmost care of the face.

The usual problems we tend to face due to poor eye care are Dark Circles, Puffiness, wrinkles & Sore eyes! The main reasons for these are:

a) Poor Care or Hygiene – While cleansing our face we tend to forget the area around our eyes, we always touch/rub/scratch our eyes regularly.

b) Poor take intake of Food – reducing the intake of water or food that is less in Fatty acids, Omega3, vegetables, Vitamins, antioxidants, fruits, etc…

c) Wrong products usage – Chemical-based makeup especially regular usage of Mascaras, Eye shadows, kohl pencils. Make sure they are free from Carbon Black, Parabens, Aluminum, Fragrance, etc.

Some amazing home remedies:

1) Avoid sharing makeup products – Mascara, Kohl, or even the eye makeup brushes, as the bacteria in it could spread causing not only problems with the skin but also eye infections.

2) Read labels of any eyecare products before you choose & look for “hypoallergenic tested” labels. Most importantly do not opt for cheap or extremely low-priced products.

3) Avoid Waterproof makeup on a daily basis unless it’s necessary as it can cause stress around the area causing skin concerns like early wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, or even redness. Use oil-based eye makeup remover or ones labeled as “for sensitive eyes” or Baby oil & ensure gentle removal by gliding over the eyes with your fingertips or with cotton pads.

4) Use gel-based eye creams for sensitive eyes & cream based on mature wrinkles. Apply eye cream every night as skin breathes & heals at night. The right way to apply the cream is by using your weakest finger (ring finger) & tap it under your eyes & on eyelids, never rub the cream as it leads to fine lines.

5) For Dark Circles – Boil a black tea bag & after cooling it, place it on your closed eyes. Also, you could dip a cotton bag in the cool tea and place it on your eyes.

6) For Sunken eyes – Mix 1tsp of Almond paste + ½ tsp of Pure Honey & apply it under your eyes & leave it overnight & wash off.

7) For Puffy Eyes – Mix juice of ½ cucumber + ½ cup of Basil tea & place it in ice cube tray & once the ice is formed, keep massaging the cubes around your ice.

Most importantly since we are glued to our gadgets like mobiles, computer tablets keep blinking for 20 seconds after every 20 mins as the moisture in the surface will keep your eyes lubricated helping to not make it dry.

Lavanya Vikram

Skin Expert, Youtuber, Founder – Blush N Curls Ladies Salon & Spa

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