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“Being comfortable in your skin is one of the greatest forms of self-love.” – Salama Mohamed

Emirati National Salama Mohamed recently announced the much-anticipated launch of her skincare brand Peacefull, for all skin types 18 and up. For Salama, skincare isn’t just a passion, it’s deeply personal. Having vitiligo and sensitive skin herself as well as having many family members with eczema and psoriasis, she knows all too well what it’s like not to be at peace with your skin. After discovering her own skincare solution in the healing powers of active ingredients, Salama felt a deep desire to help others and set out to find innovative and effective solutions, to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their skin, a moment that marked the launch of her personal online profile and skincare brand, Peacefull. We talk to Salama and find out more.

Salama Mohamed

Why did you create Peacefull? What was the motivation?

I’ve been blessed with vitiligo and sensitive skin from early on, so I’ve always searched for skin care products that would provide my skin with what it needed, but couldn’t find ones that hit the mark for me. Eventually, through my search, I stumbled on Korean skincare and discovered the healing powers of active ingredients through the 10-step skincare routine and I have not looked back since! I swear by it, it completely changed my skin and my relationship with skincare.

This ultimately led to me creating Peacefull, which you can say started out of necessity because I needed products that would help my sensitive skin. After finding Korean skincare and active ingredients, I wanted to share formulas that work with my community because I truly believe we all deserve good skincare!

What inspired you to come up with the idea of the name Peacefull?

For me, being at peace with your own skin is the highest form of self love and that is essentially the Peacefull message. And we specifically spell with a double ‘l’ to emphasize how Peacefull our products are and make you feel!

What were your biggest challenges while creating this brand?

I would say the pandemic was one of the biggest hurdles we encountered whilst creating Peacefull. As I wasn’t physically present at some point, due to travel restrictions, putting finishing touches to the formulas or making changes took longer than usual as the samples had to be shipped back and forth to perfect formulas made from scratch and make sure all the ideas were translated in the final product. And of course, having Zoom meetings whilst being in different time zones was an adjustment, but we made it work and Peacefull is here today.

Was it difficult becoming an entrepreneur?

Of course! It wasn’t easy and can sometimes feel lonely, but I wouldn’t change anything. Whilst being an entrepreneur comes with its own stresses, it’s also a very exciting journey.

How does the formulation of your skincare products differ from other skincare brands?

Our products are special and heroes in their own special way. Each product was formulated uniquely with hybrid formulas (you won’t find anything like them in the market!) and brings with it a special benefit and its place in the skincare routine. For example, our mugwort clay mask is a face wash that gives you the benefits of wearing a clay mask but with hydration, so you are not stripping your natural skin moisture. And don’t get me started on the toner, it’s one of a kind! It’s actually a hybrid between a toner and an essence. Crazy, we know! And I can’t forget the ever glow moisturizer which is the product you’ve always wanted in your life. It doesn’t leave you feeling like a glazed donut. There is no stickiness, oiliness or greasiness and yet it plumps your skin and gives you the natural, healthy glow that you deserve.

How do you think customers are responding to options for more clean beauty products?

There’s been a shift in recent years with the beauty and skincare industry – customers are no longer seeking out “branded” products for the sake of it, but actually educating themselves on ingredients and what should and shouldn’t be used for the skin or appear in skincare products, which is great!

What would you say to consumers who haven’t yet made the switch to organic beauty and skincare?

It’s important to pay attention to the products used and educate themselves on what ingredients work and don’t work for their skin. By doing this, they will reap the benefits of nurturing their skin in the long run.

Also, one thing to note is the bigger the ingredient list, the less the benefits to the skin, as they can cancel each other out and be counterproductive to your skincare journey.

What do you think is the edge of Peacefull over other natural skincare lines?

We are unique in that we are for everyone who lives in the region or who are exposed to similar climates. We are a brand from the region for the region! We are an inclusive brand made for all genders, all nationalities, all skin types, and sensitive skin for those aged 18 and above.

What would be your advice to consumers who want to make the most of the  Peacefull line?

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Whilst you will see results quite quickly with our products, it is important to make sure using the range becomes part of your daily routine, as this is how you will maintain your results.

And to make it easier, especially as we live fast-paced lives, we created this range as a 3-step routine to give you the best results for your skin in minimal steps, pure and simple.

Your personal tips to stay Beautiful and stay Peacefull?

The most important thing for me is to be in tune with yourself and your heart everyday. When you work and walk with good intentions, this radiates throughout your person and promotes peace within and to those around you. Also, surround yourself with positivity and don’t forget to hydrate!

Each patented Peacefull product is formulated in Korea with the highest quality ingredients and the very best manufacturers. Peacefull is free of animal byproducts, paraben (no artificial preservatives here), sulfate (only for detergents!), phthalate (these don’t belong anywhere) and synthetic fragrance.

Peacefull is dermatologically tested and approved by ESMA, the highest standardization, for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The gluten-free science-based formulations, backed by scientific research and balanced by botanicals, have undergone a skincare boot camp! Think heat resilience within a 50-degree chamber for three months to ensure they can endure sun-baked conditions. Peacefull has also ensured pots, tubs and jars are gone! The brand goes above and beyond to safeguard a hygienic experience through innovative packaging and application solutions as seen in the Hya, Centella Ever Glow Moisturizer.

The Peacefull jade inspired range, called The Peacefull Hya, Centella! includes three hero products, the foundations of a skincare routine. 

The Mugwort Clay Mask Cleanser, which includes the active ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate, Centella Asiatica (Cica) and Mugwort to cleanse the pores whilst nurturing and protecting the skin’s moisture.

The Endless Purifying Toner, with active ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate and Centella Asiatica (Cica) to hydrate and soothe the skin and prepare it to better absorb the rest of your skincare routine.

And the Ever Glow Moisturizer, a hero product with a sherbet formulation and active ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate and Centella Asiatica (Cica). This moisturizer is quickly absorbed with a silky feel whilst still delivering advanced moisturizing benefits through natural butter and antioxidant properties with the inclusion of squalane. The lightweight texture will give the skin extra hydration and the glow it deserves, with no sticky, greasy or oily residue.

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