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With a mission to make healthy living accessible and affordable for all, HAYAWIIA, an Emirati owned premium destination for healthier food alternatives and chemical free beauty range, part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation, offers a vast range of flavourful goodies including, organic, sugar-free, keto, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, GMO-free, wheat or grain free, low sugar, low carb, high-fibre, natural and chemical free friendly options. “Healthy living does not have to be an expensive choice, but a smart one,” said Tahany Taher, Co-founder at HAYAWIIA.

How do you debunk the myth that healthy eating and living is an expensive lifestyle?

Since, affordability is a major concern when transitioning to the healthier lifestyle and we tackle that challenge by eliminating the cost of middlemen & keeping our profit margins extremely slim, passing on the savings to our consumers.

What inspired you to start this one-stop-shop wellness concept and what makes it unique?

As of 2017, reports suggest that across the gulf region, over 30% of adults are obese or diabetic. With the onslaught of the pandemic, it has forced many to resort towards an unhealthy lifestyle. These alarming statistics pushed us to find an immediate solution. Nothing should take priority over our health and well-being, and the way in which we choose to nourish our bodies is crucial to living a strong, safe, and illness-free life. Hayawiia was built on the principle of inclusion and caters to one and all. Whether you are on a vegan diet, experimenting with Keto to shed off some kilos, or planning to make a switch to Low-carb, Hayawiia has their virtual and store shelves stocked to cater to your dietary needs.

Hayawiia houses over 1700+ high quality food & beauty sku’s accessible to all via our ecommerce portal & brick and mortar store. Hayawiia are shattering that myth by providing high-quality products at an accessible price point for everyone. Our concept offers a selection of flavour-packed organic, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat or grain-free, low carb and keto-friendly options. As well as chemical free, natural & cruelty-free beauty & skincare. – all in a one-stop destination.

Hayawiia aims to break the conventional cycle of grocery shopping with their omni channel sales strategy which incorporates the best of brick & mortar, TPA’s, modern trade & ecommerce experience.

Moreover, we don’t view sustainability as an option but a requirement, so future generations can continue to enjoy life as we do. Our packaging is created with recyclable materials, and we actively recycle everything as an organization. Even our ‘thank you’ notes have meaning as they can be planted to grow flower or vegetables! Moreover, we practice a zero-waste-commitment and are dedicated towards CSR programs.

We are disrupting the traditional forms of business by creating a better-for-you world, which We are disrupting the traditional forms of business by creating a better-for-you world, which incorporates both profit, CSR and ESG efforts, towards a collective win. Along with bridging traditional aspects of business into the digital age, maintaining the human touch. Creating an experience that encompasses a community feel into a generally mundane type of business.

How is Hayawiia in compliance with UAE’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development?

Two of the SDG’s that Hayawiia is in compliance with is to provide good health & wellbeing options to our community, as well as producing & consuming products responsibly.

Building a better future, means actively working on actions that builds on good karma. This is the basis of the Hayawiia concept; providing better-for-you products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Moreover, we don’t view sustainability as an option but a requirement, so future generations can continue to enjoy life as we do. Hence, are working towards building a self-sustaining community by supporting small, local entrepreneurs/farmers, promoting an ethical & fair supply chain, creating packaging out of recyclable materials and actively recycling/upcycling everything as an organization.

How has the general response been since launching in the UAE market?

We have received a lot of love & appreciation from our community who had been struggling to find diet appropriate options or affordability. Moreover, our transparency in product descriptions/labelling & information about the brand has helped build trust.

Why the need to expand into other GCC markets?

Due to the increase in health-related issues & the onslaught of the pandemic, there has been an ever increase in the demand & change in the mindset, toward living a cleaner & healthier lifestyle, globally. This is what gave rise to Hayawiia.

Over the course of the last 6 months, we have received massive appreciation & feedbacks from our community. It is through our CRM efforts, research & active dedication have we realized the lack of better-for-you & diet friendly products in other GCC countries. Several of our customer base are those from the GCC countries which gives us the confidence to expand our vision. Our concept was always meant to be a social movement, to provide access to clean living products across the globe.

Customers can shop from the mobile application called HAYAWIIA, the website at www.hayawiia.com or, are welcome to visit the warehouse located in Al Quoz, Industrial Area 4, Dubai. The opening hours are between 9am to 6pm, Saturday to Thursday. HAYAWIIA is also available in Carrefour, Union Co-op, Aswaaq as well as, InstaShop and El Grocer.

Co-founder of HAYAWIIA & Senior VP at a Multinational Bank

Tahany Taher is an Emirati national with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Missouri, USA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Economics from Mumbai University, India.

With a dream to be among successful women entrepreneurs in the UAE and to start a concept that makes a difference in people’s lives, Tahany along with her husband Akram Oomer, launched HAYAWIIA – a premium destination for healthier food alternatives and all-natural beauty care products in May 2021. Tahany believes that everyone deserves to lead a healthy lifestyle and therefore, Hayawiia, the one-stop-shop offers UAE residents with an abundance of exclusive international products at affordable prices.

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