Between Mother Earth and Father sky!

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Summer is here! The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. This is the day when we we are fully awake; our spirits are refreshed, renewed, energized. As we rejoice in the longer, brighter days ahead our spirits yearn to be feel alive, and to move. Sarah Abdelal tells us her summer story.

In the night, during this year’s summer solstice, where the longest day dances with the shortest night, when for hundreds of years humans gather to celebrate light winning over darkness in this game of duality.

There I waited, for midnight to strike, without the fear of turning from a princess into Cinderella, that also metaphorically, could have represented light turning into darkness!

I walked myself in the empty streets of Berlin, to a park where my intention was just to clear my mind, being in complete silence to “listen “more attentively to my inner voice and desires. My Wishlist, I was ready to inject into the universe for its manifestations to present themselves within the next six months till winter solstice.

I am a person who loves rituals and truly believe in our resources as humans to co-create and play with magic. So, I surely would not have missed a galactic gateway like summer solstice to be in meditation and “plan” my next 6 months.

When I arrived at the park, I found a spot where I lied down on the grass, surrounded by proud trees that created with its branches, an oval opening where I could observe the sky.

It was dark, very dark. But the darkness gave the stars the opportunity to be even more glamourous.

My back and head touching the cold soil that was holding me beneath. I closed my eyes to really go into a reflective state, still in the mood of being in control and ready to visualize my next month’s cravings!

But suddenly I felt so small, so vulnerable, so weak.

Embraced and really hugged by mother earth. Invited into her womb energy. Where she maternally whispered:

“Let go of that need to manifest and believe in me. I am here to nurture you. To take care of you my dear earth child. Allow yourself to be weak, allow yourself to be needy, allow yourself to fall, in complete trust, into my loving abundant arms. Nothing else for you to do, to think or to act on! Let me overflow you with my never-ending love and appreciation.”

I felt so overwhelmed by her love and nourishing energy, that I tried so hardly to feel a thousand times through grounding meditations, drumming rituals and earth element mantras. But for the first time ever I really felt that she is “mother”. Without any effort. Just lying down. Completely open. Just BEING. As “being” is ultimate feminine energy. And In that BEING I was able to really connect, with the most powerful feminine energy source, called Gaia.

A mother that has so much wisdom, abundance to share, patience and love that is beyond the capacity to describe in human words! She loves and cares for every single human, as she is able to be the mother of millions of her human children joyfully!

Tears rolling down my cheeks, from an intense heart opening experience! That was so simple yet so profound!

I understood! I am not here to take care of her! As this whole “take care of mother earth philosophy” is only an ego feeding concept and a downgrading comprehension of her greatness and majesticity!  

But instead, humbly allowing her to take care of me!

My tears made me open my eyes, and there I witnessed with my energetically cleansed eyes, a sky filled with stars dancing like a canvas that is in constant motion.

A sky that had layers and layers of moving, flickering, and stable-colored stars.

So vast so impressive that again I felt like being a miniature, lost in its enormity and beauty father sky spoke to me stating:

“I am here to show you, that in my un-limitation you are also unlimited, that in my own never-ending expansion you are also expanding endlessly, that in my beauty you can acknowledge your own beauty. Allow me to guide you into your eternal vastness, by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, as in your humbleness all gates of all possibilities expand.”

A fearful feeling covered my soul as I understood that we humans are so scared of our own greatness (if we only knew how majestic we all are) and that father sky is here, to take us all, on this journey of inner galaxy revelations. One star as a time!

And within his guided journey I was using my vision that is an expression of masculine energy. Vision is intention. Intention is direction. Direction is masculine, as it needs a sense of movement. A certain doing.

Connected to my own masculine energy called intention I entangled with father sky unlimited masculine energy where all intentions and all directions have a space and plane to exist and to be lived!

Within this “spiritual” encounter I finally felt taken care of by two guiding, loving and very experienced forces. Where I was free to play, explore and discover life in its purest form.

Knowing that I am taken care of, by mother and father feels awesomely good!

Coming back to our own human reality.

I was brought up like many of you with the belief that we have one father and one mother. Our biological parents who since infancy are the source of our safety, protection, and love.

That’s all great but very limiting! As in reality, we all just came through them. And, through their own limitations and healing journeys.

And when some of these sources shrink, we feel unloved and unsafe.

However, in indigenous cultures, children since early years are tough about their connection with the nature’s elements and are reminded that earth is their mother and sky their father. Thereafter also trusting in the abundant nurturing source of mother earth and expanding caring energy of father sky and never doubting that support and love, is always there and accessible unconditionally!

As Angeles Arrien wrote:

Many native cultures believe that the heart is the bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. For these traditions, the ‘four-chambered heart,’ the source for sustaining emotional and spiritual health, is described as being full, open, clear, and strong. These traditions feel that it is important to check the condition of the four-chambered heart daily, asking: ‘Am I full-hearted, open-hearted, clear-hearted, and strong-hearted?

Being in that space of alignment in between the expanding father and caring mother, all what we experience is centered in the heart, where no fear resides only unconditional love for self and others where blessed co-creations bloom!

Close your eyes and repeat after me:

I am a child of this universe, and I am taken care of, ALWAYS!

About Sarah:

Sarah Abdelal is a nature and animal lover and regards them as being her true teachers. Currently living in Berlin, Germany.

By profession she is a healing facilitator using a combination of different healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Metaphor and Art Therapy, Aura and Chakras Photography & Intuitive and Shamanic healing.

She truly beliefs that we humans are privileged to be on this earthly dimension and helps others to see through their veils of illusions. Alternating limiting perception, one at a time to ease this journey of life.

She holds space for workshops, retreats and one to one session that are always filled with laughter and lightness, as humor is a scared medicine!

Contact:, +49 152 260 97 888

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