Big Farm Brothers launch a range of organic kitchen products

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Big Farm Brothers recently launched 100% toxin-free, earth derived natural products in the UAE.  All the 54 new products launched across multiple categories are authentic and certified organic and come in biodegradable packaging in-line with the company motto of reducing carbon footprints.  Headquartered in Dubai, the organization works directly with farmer’s board offering the customers healthy eating options, all under one marketplace.

Mr. Vishal Mahajan, Co-founder said, “We are extremely pleased to launch our new range of products with a vision to promote an organic lifestyle in the region. The food that we consume is directly linked to longevity. Natural and healthy food habits support a long way in catering to the diets and lifestyles of those dealing with modern health issues. We work with farmer’s appointed from regulatory board to ensure a fair procurement of the goods which is beneficial not only to the consumers but also to the entire ecosystem.”

Big Farm Brothers Organics products is a complete range of authentic and chemical free consumables for the environment and health conscious. In order to retain the unique taste, the crops are sourced from the Himalayan ranges where the land is highly fertile in nature. In addition, the team works directly with farmer’s board internationally practicing fair trade for over a decade with an intention to support and promote organic and sustainable farming practices.

 The launch is aimed at households striving to make the right health investment and want to provide a healthy variety of food options for the older and younger members of the family. With quality and sustainability at the forefront, the new venture is economically viable and in line with the other conventional food items in the market.

With the launch of the new products, Mr. Vishal Mahajan is looking at adding value to the Organic Revolution and advocate a lifestyle that is healthy and fights against Chronic and lifestyle diseases which are directly related to the consumption of the food items produced in industrial farming methods that heavily uses dangerous pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, Antibiotics, hormones, etc.

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