Breaking Bread with Chef Jesus

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We all know Dubai is a sunny foodie paradise with good food, but cafes that dish out great meals with a cosy and comforting ambience to boot are harder to come by. Whether you’re looking for a quiet hideout from this concrete jungle, or if you’re just scouting for a new sanctuary to wind down at with your friends, Seva is the place to be.

Forget the minimalist, “less-is-more” aesthetic of the 21st century, this cafe is filled with vintage rustic knickknacks and antiquities that give it a distinct, laid-back old-school charm that is hard to come by. Seva has created an exceptional environment dedicated to self-discovery with an internet free zone for all those who want to live completely in the moment. Add to those home-made plant-based, vegan and gluten and GMO-free dishes that are made from scratch and you cannot go wrong.

Recently @sevatable launched their new menu introduced by their fantastic new Chef Jesús Gijaba. Chef Jesús is from Mexico and his menu naturally contains Central/South American influences. Having worked in restaurants in Mexico and on television across South America, “El Chefcito” became a familiar face. His experience and passion for plant-based food are second to none, making him a perfect fit for SEVA.

Chef Jesús Gijaba

The menu:

Firstly, the dishes are visually beautiful to look at. Bursting with colour and creativity, but they also deliver on taste. Fresh, healthy, and vibrant, they are full of flavour. 

It all begins with a refreshing shot of Pineapple Cucumber Kombucha – light, citrusy and flavourful.

The Amuse Bouche begins with Avocado Gazpacho – a fun change from the tomato norm, the wildcard ingredient in this being the mango. Smooth and creamy, this gazpacho is an incredible blend of tomatoes, avocado and peppers that is tangy, sweet, and savoury all at once. The perfect amusé bouche for a summer day! It is served in a bottle with a bowl made from an empty avocado shell with mangoes in it and you pour the soup in the bowl and have it.

The main course begins with a Fresh Coconut Ceviche – Light, refreshing and delicious vegan ceviche made with young coconut and looking like a rainbow in a bowl! A ceviche is the ultimate seafood dish that deceives you with its simplicity. This dish does exactly that while remaining plant-based. The slight hints of seaweed play off the coconutty goodness to create a wonderful mouthfeel.

Meanwhile, the next drink is a refreshingly cool Horchata with cinnamon! Delightful!

The second course is a salad – As Nature Intended – the humble broccoli takes centerstage here and no adult or child would say no to it. Full of fresh flavours and with surprises at every bite, this dish was one of our favourites.

The third course is a Taco Duo – the cult favourite Baja style cauliflower taco gets a magnificent makeover by the Chef while the shredded carrot taco is delightfully yummy and tastes decadent without actually being so. You can even order it on lettuce leaves.

The Fourth course is the Portobello confit – the star of this dish was the truffle flavoured cashew cream that really rounded off the plate and gave it a certain aspirational quality. The term confit is used to describe anything that has been cooked slowly into a rich, succulent texture. For this recipe, it is the succulent portobello mushrooms.

In between these delicious bites, we get another shot of a strawberry smoothie with matcha cashew cream.

Lastly, the Dessert duo – while we loved the white chocolate risotto, we were completely enamoured by the strawberry feels lavender – layers of orange and lavender cake, coconut cream with orange powder, lavender flowers, strawberry sauce with lime and maple syrup. The flavours were unexpected but got a party started in the mouth!

SEVA Table: proudly sources seasonal and local ingredients when available, with an emphasis on vibrant organic living foods. SEVA loves real food, so they keep it simple, and all produce is free from MSGs, GMOs, Gluten, Soy, Cane sugar and trans fats.

With the adjoining wellness center and yoga studio that offers various classes, Seva Table is a place where you can nourish your body, mind and soul.

SEVA Table is open every day except Tuesdays, 8am – 10pm and bookings are required. Kindly contact +971 58 543 5888, or for bookings and further enquiries.

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