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PrepHero, the region’s favourite meal subscription service, has pledged to donate meals to those in need, for every new subscription that it receives, with their new ‘Share The Meal Plan’ campaign. We talk to the team behind this initiative to find out more.         

On a community driven mission to combat food insecurity, PrepHero has partnered with UAE Food Bank to provide nutritious meals to people in need on the back of every new subscription the company receives. In addition to this, PrepHero is also offering all subscriptions an extra, complimentary week of healthy meals.

The issue of Global Hunger

Approximately 800 million people worldwide go to bed hungry and experience food insecurity. This number is on the rise due to the economic fallout of COVID-19. Many residents today are struggling to secure their next meal, those in need had to make tough choices and many are facing this reality for the first time. With the increase in prices and the Economic Fallout across the world due to the global pandemic, food insecurity numbers are on the rise and have become a widespread concern to many people across the world.

How did this idea come about?

With the increase in prices and the Economic Fallout across the world due to the global pandemic, food insecurity numbers are on the rise and have become a widespread concern to many people across the world. The need for local food banks is essential now more than ever. The cost of food and utilities continues to rise, therefore, putting more of a burden on individuals and families, especially during the holidays. About 17 percent of children under the age of 5 in the UAE are malnourished, often resulting in stunted growth. “This figure, if compared to the Western countries, is quite high and is also significant compared to other countries in the world,” said Dr. Mohammed Miqdady, Senior Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterology at Shaikh Khalifa Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi. The UAE Food Bank has shown a strong presence throughout its launch in 2017 under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI). This is why PrepHero announced its campaign to secure 25 meals per subscription to those in need across the UAE and also reward the subscribers with a week extra as a token of appreciation for supporting the movement.

How does the Food Bank work?

The UAE Food Bank works within an integrated system that relies on multiple partners, including volunteers, donor institutions, and supervisory bodies to ensure its success and efficiency.

Can we become the generation that ends Global Hunger?

Each generation plays a vital role in the initiative to put a stop to any humanitarian crisis, there is no single, easy solution to end world hunger, but with the input of many organizations and individuals, an end to global hunger can be achieved. Nothing is impossible and surely ending world hunger is possible however it requires a collective action to achieve it. PrepHero’s initiative to take the step and launch the ‘Share The Meal Plan’ campaign marks a stand to support people and communities as a step to support eliminating hunger in many lives! Some people are in need of food bank support more than others. Fighting hunger is more than simply providing food. It entails helping people in attaining their full potential, as nutritious eating is the foundation for good health and wellbeing. “Our mission and motive is the ability to provide nutritious meal plans to influence the UAE towards a nutritional lifestyle to live better.”

PrepHero’s, ‘Share The Meal Plan,’ is the region’s first campaign from a meal subscription company that works towards charitable food distribution, in an attempt to not only feed those in need, but to encourage residents of the UAE to lead a healthier, more efficient lifestyle.

PrepHero provides a wide selection of meal plans and pre-selected options  that cater to all dietary requirements including a selection of meal plans that can help with weight-loss, protein-packed plans for muscle gain and generally healthy, nutritionally balanced meal plans that are perfect for the whole family. All PrepHero meal plans are conveniently managed through the PrepHero app which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. You can alter  your meals as per preference and  pause or resume your subscription conveniently via the app.      

To join PrepHero’s ‘Share The Meal Plan’ campaign, subscribers can simply  subscribe to any monthly meal plan from PrepHero’s range of healthy meals at and get 1 week extra as a token of appreciation. PrepHero will then donate meals via UAE Food Bank alongside every subscription on your behalf.    

Visit for more information on PrepHero’s offerings and to, ‘Share The Meal Plan’

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