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We have all gone through trying times the past couple of years and post pandemic (it’s still around, though!) many of us are struggling to deal with the insecurities that it brought in its wake. We all are going about our work and trying to be productive and carry on with daily life as if everything is fine. But if we are honest, life isn’t the same anymore! Many of us are turning to ancient practices that promise wellbeing and more. Crystal Healing is one such technique and we check it out at Keyani Wellness under the expert guidance of their practitioner Sunitha and tell you all about it.

Sunitha explains that there are 12 main meridians that run through our body, and each one corresponds with a major organ. Each Meridian is either a yin (receiver of energy) or a yang (expresser of energy) and when both these energies are balanced they create a flow of inner harmony and peace on a mind/body/ spirit levels. But when these energies get imbalanced due to external factors like physical or mental stress, energy stagnates and blockages are created.

Crystal healing involves placing energised crystals on and around a person to clear these blockages and negative energy while balancing the chakras. It works on our mental, emotional, and spiritual being and helps restore balance and harmony throughout the bodies.

Crystals have a vibrational frequency and when a healer places his/her hands on them, this activates the crystals and transmits the necessary energy, from that crystal into a client’s energy body, composed of our seven chakras. “A person can only benefit from energy healing if they’re open to receiving it,” says Sunitha.

What is the session like?

Sunitha asked me to lie down comfortably on the table with my hands on my sides and palms facing upwards to receive the energy. She covered my eyes with a lavender infused eye pillow that felt soothing. She sprayed a hydrating mist to clear the air and energy in the room and then proceeded to place the crystals on the areas of my seven chakras: the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, and the root chakra. My only job was to relax and practice deep breathing to be able to enter into a relaxed meditative state of mind.

Sunitha familiarized herself with my energy body while creating healing energies to balance the chakras. I fell into a state of utter and almost fell asleep! She gently brought me back to a state of awareness when she was done and explained that a person needs a number of sessions to actively work on blockages, especially in certain areas, if necessary. This is to achieve a clear state of being and mind, with positive energy flowing in and the negative flowing out.

As i eased my way out and came to a sitting position, I felt that I had emerged from a deep sleep, although it had only been 30 minutes!

The overall experience was very relaxing and made me more aware of the need to handle the stress and bring about a balance in my body and mind.

You can try it: Visit @keyani_wellness

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