Cups and Genies to your rescue!

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Yes, you heard it right! We are talking of you being in a heavenly world that smells divine, your skin silky soft and healthy, with products that simply do what they are supposed to! Welcome to the world of Bellabaci!

Bellabaci has created magic potions in bottles by synergizing the best healing modalities like aromatherapy, flower remedies, naturopathy, African oils; to create their unique blend of genies made with a base of virgin first pressed coconut oils; combining them with traditional Chinese cupping to effectively work to assist your body and face to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing!

These genies also serve as great moisturisers, are rich in anti-oxidants and packed with ingredients known for their multi nutrient benefits.

Meet the Genies:

Each genie is made from organic virgin coconut oil, luxurious vegetal oils, topical energetic remedies, and aromatic oils and is totally free of parabens, preservatives, and artificial fragrances. The genies are available in six different types:

Skin Get a Life – is rich with anti-oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids to repair, protect and regenerate compromised or irritated skin. Ingredients include rosehip, argan, baobab, neroli and geranium oil that are known to help with ageing skin.

Circu Flow – is a unique gel that turns into a luxurious oil and contains ingredients like cape chamomile, rosemary, cape chestnut, juniper berry, St. John’s Wort and Bay leaf that are known for their efficacy for spider veins and varicose veins, fluid retention and tired skin. Basically, a boost for healthy circulation.

Cellulite Be Gone – is a hard-working formula that helps effectively reduce cellulite along with a skin regenerating formula that helps reduce the appearance of dimples by addressing collagen and elastic strands. This blend is made from buchu, coriander, marula, moringa, milk thistle and mandarin peel oil.

Hello Body Mechanic – includes arnica, katafray, may chang, wintergreen, peppermint and marjoram and assists with joint and muscle stiffness. Best for a post workout massage. Also helps with headaches and migraine.

Bye Bye Belly Blues – a superior and fast acting formula made from ingredients like Kalahari, melon, safflower, lavender, bitter orange and petitgrain; it helps with menstrual discomfort, bloating, IBS and constipation; great for an abdominal massage.

Stress No More – is a relaxing complex with St. John’s Wort, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Jasmin, Patchouli, Cape Chamomile and Rosehip oil; assists with nervous tension, depression, an overactive mind, insomnia and stress, It also helps with irritated skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis that manifest due to stress.

Combine these genies with the ancient traditional cupping therapy and you get the kiss of wellness! Bellabaci cups are made from medical grade silicone that squeezes easily, allowing you to use this cupping therapy on your own in the privacy of your own home! Apply your favourite genie in a bottle, squeeze the cup and set it on your area of concern, glide it and squeeze to release and you are on your way to relief from problems like stagnation, fluid retention, toxin elimination, lymphatic drainage, pain relief and more!

How to kiss your body better:

The Bellalaci cups work on acupressure points to relieve the stagnation of Qi and blood.

Use the cup on tight, taut sore muscles (read shoulder muscles due to excessive work on the computer, driving and more!)  to break up knots and remove build-up of lactic acid.

Use the cup on your neck to relieve headaches and migraines.

Use of cup on the stomach aids in stimulating peristalsis, alleviating constipation.

Using the cup on painful joints eliminates acid build-up. This helps eliminate stagnation, intensifying metabolism and dermal respiration in the massaged area creating elasticity making skin supple while strengthening and repairing tissues and joints by creating negative pressure and drawing blood to that area.

Use it to tone and firm the body and getting rid of cellulite. Cupping therapy activates, stimulates, and rejuvenates the cellulite layer with a reverse deep tissue massage technique creating a fresh flow of oxygenated blood and helping to release waste and toxins from the fat cells. It aids in breaking and removal of the orange peel cellulite look.

Use it to relax and rejuvenate the body; it world wonders on the autonomous nervous system, the rhythmic act of cupping strokes is very relaxing!

Use it to achieve overall wellness by detoxifying the body, improving circulation, and energizing body to achieve a deep state of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Kiss your face beautiful:

A daily two-minute facial massage ritual with the bellabaci cup and your favourite genie is all you need to kiss your face beautiful. This relaxing procedure that can be done easily by you at home, takes charge of your wrinkles, fine lines, under eye bags, capillaries and sagging skin to give you a radiant glowing skin! A total anti-ageing experience, it stimulates the fibroblast cells that produce natural elastin and collagen, improving skin texture. The small cups can be used to plump up the lip line resulting in volumized oh-so-kissable lips! And all this in the privacy of your own home!

We try it out:

If you are one of those who loves to go to a spa to enjoy the indulgent treatment of a massage or a facial, then worry not! The Pearl Spa at The Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah has this Bellabaci cupping massage sorted for you.

Unless you’re familiar with cupping and Chinese medicine, the first time you heard of cupping was probably with Olympian Michael Phelps’ red-and-purple spotted back. He said it helped in reducing muscle tension, speeding recovery while improving overall performance. But worry not, this one is not leaving any red, purple spots!

There are two types of cupping: Glass or silicone cups are placed on major muscle groups, making a suction with the skin to increase blood flow to the area. They are left there for 10-or-so minutes, this is referred to as stagnant cupping.

Dynamic cupping, which is what we do with the Bellabaci silicone cups has the same technique with the technician creating the same suction, but she continuously moves the cups, dragging them toward the lymphatic system, allowing for release of toxins.

The therapist leads me to the beautiful spa located on the ground floor of the resort and begins the massage with the Bellabaci pure essential concentrates Renew and Revive (there are four of them: renew, revive, deep relax and detox) and a set of large and small cups. She applies the oils to the body with brisk strokes of her hands, immediately putting me in a relaxed state! This allows for the cups to glide smooth when applied. The flexible silicone cups are gently pinched before application to provide the desired pressure and are gently moved over areas of pain and tension and unlike traditional methods of massage, these cups can be used directly over bones and joints. The pinch creates a suction which is called a ‘Bellabaci kiss’, a vacuum that is maintained with the skin until the seal with the skin is broken by pinching and removing the cup. She combines the techniques of Swedish and deep tissue massage using her hands and the cup to relieve pain and detoxify the body.  I feel the tension and knots receding!

She applies brisk strokes with the cup and her hand, sliding them around my oiled-up body like chess pieces on a board. Some areas, where I held the most tension, produced a deep, pinching sensation. But moments after sliding the cup away, a release followed. The use of cups allows for the stretching and opening of muscle tissue, creating space to drain toxins from the cells, she explains.

I also loved the Bellabaci facial cupping.  The cups give the facial skin and muscles an immediate lift and boost in radiance.  They are small in size and perfect even when you travel. I use them over my serum in the evenings and feel they help with product penetration.  The cups “plump” the skin and give a more youthful look.

I am booking my next appointment soon!

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