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Are we too grounded in reality and fail to see our own halo? Is it possible to comfortably say thank you when we get a compliment instead of saying, Oh, I got lucky? Isn’t it time to own our accomplishments and even have fun while doing that? Sarah Abdelal tells us how…

Here comes a new year with new lessons, hopes and desires to manifest.

It is beautiful how we humans are capable to always give ourselves a new chance for a new “us”.

A beautiful proof and validation that we are seekers of new experiences just to embody more of what really reflects us; individually and collectively. Every time creating a new reality that is just more real, rawer and truthful!

The real reason we are all here, each one of us; is to one day; reflect our complete truth.

The bird to be the bird, you; being fully you and me being utterly Sarah!

Beautiful poetic words! But not always easy to fulfill!

Especially for us as humans! Programmed and coded in ways that complicate this simple act of BEING.

We have; each one of us the responsibility to be, to embody and reflect a pre-chosen color, element, and energy so that the final yet changeable image in the kaleidoscope represented in a magical psychedelic pattern; called life; is perfectly in harmony!

So let me make this journey a little bit easier for you ….

By helping you understand more your “element”, your true added “color” to create your part in the reflective kaleidoscopic pattern of the collective.

There are Five elements that creates this reality: earth, water, fire, air, and spirit!

Each one of us are beautiful spirits choosing to manifest ourselves in dominantly one of the remaining four elements through our chosen Zodiac sign!

And each element is connected to one of our four lower chakras.

So, depending on our sun sign; we have a dominant element to embody and bring into this world. So that it can dance with the other elements held by others to create this web of life.

Each one of us need to master our element and mastering something needs getting in touch with it fully. Understanding its cons and pros, its shadows, and lights!

And normally the mastering will come along in the human experience with some suffering related to the associated chakra. Expressed through certain energy blocks, suppressed emotions, and limiting belief systems.

Let me start with your awakened earth sign:

Dear guardian of the soil, rocks and lands. Provide us with grounding, rooting, a sense of safety and belonging and a strong stable foundation for all of us to stand on and grow!

All you need to do, is to nourish your own “soil” by sustaining it, with all that it needs to be “rich, fertile and solid”, keeping that protected and in safe hands that are your own!

Your journey earth sign; however, will be triggered by not seeing the value in being still, sound & grounded. This self-doubt aspect in you; will internally force you to be on the go all the time, busy fulfilling other people’s needs, taking on responsibilities that are not yours and feeling empty, if your worthiness is not valued by your external experience through your hard work!

Stop for a while, ground your roots, raise your branches towards the sky and remember! A tree offers so much just by standing still! Honor that privilege!

And you darling water sign:

Without you this world would lack in magnificence!

You, when embodied well into this magical element, brings us creativity, sensuality, prosperity, vulnerability, playfulness and help us indulge in the pleasures of life!

Activating our senses to get the full “HD “human experience.

This seems so fluffy and easy. Yes, for many! But in your water sign; guilt will sneak into your flow and whisper words of duty-ness! Transforming you into a serious, too independent, strong, and sensual-less warrior!

Jump and let the waters of delights and desires drift you into a world of beauty, delicacy, and exotic details! So, you can show us the way to experience the same!

Now more that ever, we need you to lead us to what really matters through music, art, gastronomy and eros!

Beloved fire sign:

Everything through you gets transformed & transmuted from the tiniest ideas to the largest projects on this planet! Manifesting the unmanifested. Making the unconscious conscious!

You, eternal fire ignites our power, our hope that things are in our control, illuminate our trust in ourselves and others so that we might detach with ease; from all that the ego so deeply desires to be identified with!

But your journey from a spark into a bun fire will be initiated by your self-doubt, your unhealthy boundaries, the need, or the lack of being in control and energetic cords that are holding you back.

Fire sign, shine! Even if it might make some around you uncomfortable. You are our source of light! Our hope of transformation .Do not underestimate your power! When used with wisdom, creates a world for all of us to shine too!

And now you finally. Your cherished air sign:

Space holder! For all that is! When aligned in your element you give the opportunity to heal, to love, to experience compassion, to connect with all that is on a deep level of consciousness!

This big responsibility will require you to just BE. But fully be you!

Will be slowed down by your inner harsh cruel judge, your constant need to be loved, your overwhelming capability to feel, your fear of not being enough as a space holder. A little shaman who sees beyond, and with whom many can find comfort and refuge as you comprehend all their emotions!

Hold space for you! Love yourself fully and unconditionally so that you can hold that non-judgmental space for others; only to fall in love with themselves repeatedly.

As all that is, is love!

May we all dance this cosmic dance in alignment with our elements.

Learning our life lessons with grounded-ness, flow, trust, and compassion!

About Sarah:

Sarah Abdelal is a nature and animal lover and regards them as being her true teachers. Currently living in Berlin, Germany.

By profession she is a healing facilitator using a combination of different healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Metaphor and Art Therapy, Aura and Chakras Photography & Intuitive and Shamanic healing.

She truly believes that we humans are privileged to be on this earthly dimension and helps others to see through their veils of illusions. Alternating limiting perception, one at a time to ease this journey of life.

She holds space for workshops, retreats and one to one sessions that are always filled with laughter and lightness, as humor is a sacred medicine!

Contact: sarah@hypnotransition.com, +49 152 260 97 888

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