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Whether you need an instant glow on your face or a complete skin overhaul, The Branding Room has it all! Dubai’s newest beauty spot on the block employs both pioneering technology and a heavenly healing touch to bring to you feel-good and uniquely curated aesthetic facial and holistic body treatments that leave you feeling beautiful in your skin. They call it, ‘Glow-cedures’.

Everything from rejuvenating facials and radio-frequency facial sessions to relaxing and glow-packed body treatments, combined with their exclusive brows and lashes procedures, they have all that you need for all your skincare and beauty needs.

Staffed with expert and experienced aestheticians and technicians, they also have hair stylists with certifications in Velashape treatments, Pressotherapy as well as Arosha Body Wrap treatments. 

The space breathes serenity and relaxation with a hint of luxury to provide you with a well-rounded beauty experience while you juggle in between busy schedules.

DHA licensed beauty therapist, Mae Romero-Do Thanh, Founder of The Branding Room, decided to turn her passion of offering ultra-enriching beauty experiences for her clientele, to women in the UAE without comprising on quality. Mae believes that the true potential of a woman lies in the beauty of her soul and the confidence with which she carries herself – this ideology is what The Branding Room stands for and aims to empower every woman that walks through the doors of the beauty lounge to feel confident and beautiful, inside and out.

Mae Romero-Do Thanh, Founder of The Branding Room

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Arosha Body Wraps

Arosha Body wraps are pre-soaked bandages. The solutions the bandages are soaked in are actives that help with drainage and/or skin tightening. It is best that the skin is also prepared by body brushing which can be done at TBR as well with the client’s own body brush if she has one or an Arosha body brush which can be purchased at the lounge. After wrapping the body, you are strapped in a suit that is attached to the pressotherapy machine that will mechanically give you a lymphatic drainage massage which is very gentle. The pressing motion is very relaxing and also pushes the actives of the bandages into the skin thereby increasing the efficacy of the treatment.

The Probiotic Facial

This is a vegan, artificial fragrance free and organic facial. The products are also made with fair trade ingredients. The procedure uses a probiotic base that is suitable for all skin types and perfect for compromised skin, sensitive skin, younger clientele, or pregnant ladies. It involves a double cleanse followed by exfoliation and ultrasonic extractions. A relaxing facial massage follows, and the mask is applied with a high frequency therapy that allows for effective penetration. This leaves your face dewy fresh and glowing.




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