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Say hello to SQUATWOLF! Inspired by the power of the squat and the strength of one of nature’s most intuitive animals, SQUATWOLF was born. Lifting the weight of modern life by creating components that help people become strong, their story began with a zest for life – and a need for some mighty fine activewear. Founded by wife-husband team Anam Khalid and Wajdan Gul in 2016, the brand emerged from a commitment to fulfilment, not just for themselves, but for all around them. On a mission to elevate the human experience through products with insight, innovation and purpose, SQUATWOLF is a lifestyle workout brand that works with gym athletes from different backgrounds to make sure their fit is true to their size and fits perfectly in the right areas and on the right muscles. We find out more from Anam Khalid.

Anam Khalid

SQUATWOLF is on “A mission to elevate the human experience through products with insight, innovation and purpose’, – what does this mean?

SQUATWOLF believes in pushing the limits by offering products which are based on the knowledge, feedback, and insights of our fitness community. Every piece on our store is built purposefully keeping functionality in mind coupled with meaningful innovation that will help the wearers achieve their fitness goals.

How did it all begin? Where did the inspiration come from?

I moved to Dubai in 2014 and Waj followed when we got married in 2015, we both had our day jobs and were living a very comfortable life.

All our lives we have been very hardworking and ambitious, setting one goal after the other and achieving them. With all the comforts of life that Dubai offered, I started to feel that we need a new challenge in life. I had to do a bit of convincing to start our own business as Waj had already co-founded two very successful global tech businesses and he knew it will not be a walk in the park. Finally in Nov 2015 we started doing our research.

Being into fitness, we naturally started looking into the fitness industry and particularly gym wear. Soon we realized that unlike Europe, US, and Australia there was no home-grown gym wear brand in the Middle East. When we dug deeper, we found so many gaps to fill as a business:

  1. Gym athletes with athletic bodies were sacrificing “Performance” for “Style” or “Fit”. It was hard to find great looking gear that accentuates their v-tapered physique and worked as hard as they did
  2. Innovation is a word that is used so often as to be almost meaningless. Basic function is one thing, but innovation changes the game.  Too often, gym athletes are sold the dream and receive the bare minimum
  3. Whilst a focused gym routine can bring about self-improvement, it’s often being part of a strong community that makes all the difference. Many brands celebrate the individual instead of acknowledging the power of teamwork.

And then in May 2016, SQUATWOLF, a premium gym wear brand was born in Dubai. SQUATWOLF grew exponentially over the following few years, initially in the Middle East, but very quickly on a global scale serving customers and athletes in 120+ countries.

What is the USP of squatwolf?

We define our USP as:

“We are leading the pack through true athletic fit and sports innovation to elevate the human experience”

How are you getting consumers to buy your products over other established activewear brands?

We believe our laser sharp focus on Gym goers and their lifestyle is what makes us unique compared to other big sportswear brands. We offer “True athletic Fit” which makes consumer buy from us rather than established names in the fitness industry.

What should the buyer look for while buying fitness wear?

It’s very important to look for the right product for the type of activity one does. For example, yoga involves breathing exercises so the buyer should go for a low impact bra that keeps the chest open and supports the flow rather than becoming a hindrance during the session.

What is SQUATWOLF doing to be sustainable?

SQUATWOLF is consistently taking steps towards a sustainable future. Be it moving towards products made with 100% recycled or organic fabrics, recycled or 100% compostable packaging to zero% plastic used for swing tags.  Sustainability is one of our design filters, every product will have to pass through.

What is your favorite thing to wear?

My current favorite SQUATWOLF outfit include:

  1. Core Agile leggings: it’s the best pair of leggings I have ever worn. It’s made with mid weight super soft fabric which offers great support. One of the best features of the leggings is the seam free waist band for the most comfortable movements during an intense workout. The leggings are optimal from everything between yoga to HIIT. They are cut for a high rise fit and come in nine different colors.
  2. Flux Sports Bra: This is one of our high support bras which is equally flattering as much as it is functional with an open strap back and a square neckline. It comes in four different colors, made for high intensity workouts.
  3. Iconic Crop Tee: To complete the look, I go for iconic crop tee. It’s a perfect tee for summers, with very light breathable fabric, cut in a loose boxy fit, perfect for layering up in the gym or styling with a pair of jeans. It comes in five different seasonal colors.

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