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Intro: Most of us in the world are opting for the convenience of ordering meals, especially now that we have not been going out a lot. Whether you choose to opt for takeaway meals or place orders using food delivery apps, the basic factor is convenience. What is a better option? Ordering meals at a restaurant or diner? Or, choosing to place orders at a prepared meal delivery service? Why not opt for a healthy meal delivery service? We tell you all about ‘Food Nation Go’, a totally unique meal delivery service which delivers an exciting range of nutritious restaurant-standard ready meals to your door.

Operating on the principle of – Better Food, Better For You, Better For The Planet, this app has been created by award-winning UK Chef Magnus Mumby, whose Michelin experience, strong nutritional background and culinary creativity has resulted in a range of nutritious, delicious food options including substantial meals for one, gluten-free options, kids & vegetarian-friendly options.  Order on the user-friendly app by 8pm and your meal choices will be cooked overnight and delivered to your home the next day.  It’s simple, no meal plans or sign-ups. The meals they provide are just like you would cook them at home. Think about these food delivery services as a neighbor cooking and sending you meals each day.

All foods are non-processed, additive free, naturally low in sugar and saturated fat and made from quality-sourced ingredients. With meals super easy to prepare – just heat and eat, healthy eating has never been so easy!

The launch of Food Nation Go comes after the success of Food Nation, a school catering company who has been serving creative, tasty and healthy meals to over 40,000 school children across the UAE for over 5 years. As a response to the global changes in meal provision as a result of recent events, Food Nation Go has taken to the road to deliver an exciting, new range of food options for both adults and children.

Committed to creating well-priced products; from on-the-go breakfasts; lively, nutritional salads; rich bakery items and balanced meal options, eating better no longer comes at a premium.  The range is thoughtfully put together; offering global flavours, on-trend foods, traditional comfort meals and a kids’ range that comes with satisfaction guaranteed. For example the Workout Gym Box is a power packed box of chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon, sweet potato, pumpkin, quinoa, tomato, onion, cucumber, parsley, green beans , carrot with a dash of spices, perfect for your gym sessions.

Workout Gym Box

The breakfast options are inspirational; however, the Five a Day Pot is worthy of a specific mention. It contains all of your five-a-day in just one pot. Choices include Beet It made with beetroot, strawberry, banana, lemon & watermelon chunks with a dash of fresh vanilla and The Golden Ticket starring carrot, banana, orange, pineapple & mango with a kick of ginger & turmeric. Other items include a Berry lemon granola, Breakfast Burrito, a delicious English Muffin Florentine and more.

Golden Ticket

Lunchtime favourites include cauliflower tikka masala, Swedish meatballs, salads, wraps, stuffed croissants and noodle broths, including the Skinny Shawarma Box, the Falafel & Hummus Wrap, the Cheese, Tomato and Turkey-ham Freshly Stuffed Croissant, fragrant Vegetable Tom Yum soup and more. The gluten-free Student pumpkin enchiladas are delicious and a must-try!

Moroccan Lentil Soup

Comfort foods such as Baked Lasagne and Traditional Cottage Pie feature on the menu, as well as lighter options such as Cauliflower Katsu & Noodles and Salmon Tartare Fishcakes. The Vegan cheese pot was a delightful concoction of peanuts, olive oil, dates, cocoa powder and nibs with vanilla, chocolate couverture, coconut, cream and pistachios.

Vegan cheese pot

The kids ‘Easy Eats’ range has been tried and tested in schools over the years.  Kids love them, unaware of the ‘hidden veggies’ they contain. Dishes including Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and Carrot and Corn Fritters and Pumpkin, the must-have Mac and Cheese, Black Beans & Feta Enchiladas are boosted with added vegetables in their sauces. Each meal comes with a mini sweet treat of the day.

Pumpkin and Black Bean Enchiladas

The current menu will evolve in response to the seasons and consumer feedback. Although meal options are already packed with nutrition, there are plans to develop a complete range of Five A Day meal for adults and kids.

As a company, Food Nation Go opts for traditional production methods, resource sharing and using simple recyclable packaging where possible to reduce its environmental impact.

Food Nation Go – Better Food, Better For You, Better For The Planet.

Why Food Nation Go:

Using the app, you can place orders for an entire week.

You have the option of receiving frozen meals and stocking up your fridge over the weekend. When you’re ready to eat, you only need to reheat the food and serve.

The services serve you food in microwave friendly containers, allowing you to bring the food to work and eat healthy while at work.

You can order vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes, and make special request for your health condition if any like sugar-free, gluten-free, or low-sodium dishes, among others.

Overall, this works out much more cost effective than ordering from restaurants.


Available to download now on Google Play and App store.


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